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Nokia followed up its first 8GB mobile, the music-centric N91, with a second one, the N95 8GB. And now here's a third: the music and gaming geared N81 8GB. The N81 arrives at the same time as its more luxuriantly-equipped N95 stablemate, bringing a smidgen more choice at a lower price to the high-capacity music-mobile arena. …


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  1. Werner Ruotsalainen


    It should also be pointed out that, unlike some of the more expensive models (N93(i), N95), it doesn't have hardware 3D acceleration, which would be pretty much welcome on a gaming handheld.

    Second, you state "it has a UPnP media streaming facility for transmitting tracks to a compatible hi-fi." UPnP is able to do a lot more - for example, streaming to YOUR handset from a UPnP-enabled NAS, which is the most widely used usage area of UPnP.

  2. Mike Landers
    Thumb Up

    Good review

    I picked one of these up about a month ago for free. Have to agree with much of the article, the keys are a bit fiddly (even the normal keypad, which feels very flat). However, I've got it downloading podcasts via home Wi-fi which was a cinch to set up.

    Overall, you could do better than this phone, but you could do a whole lot worse.

  3. Tigre Marino

    My next phone.

    Wrote a letter to Santa I want one for X-mas :)

    It was a great review, about real life usage. Keep up the good work.

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