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  1. Alt0n


    Are a privilege, not a right :p

  2. Clive Galway
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    RE: iPhone book

    Are you serious?? an iPhone for dummies book? As a present for a geek? I would take that as an insult!

    Besides, I would never be seen dead with an iPwn.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns


    'The iPhone Book - How to Do the Things You Want to Do with Your iPhone '


    I want to send an MMS - you can't

    I want to send files to my PC via bluetooth - you can't

    I want to record video - you can't

    I want to install a new app - you can't

    I want to sync my contacts - you can't

    I want to use voice activated calling - you can't

    All hail the iBrick and the mighty overlord Jobs - They keep telling us how great they are so it must be true

  4. TheThing
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    Could I just point out that I'd prefer to gnaw off my own arm from the elbow down than receive anything by Mr Clarkson. Except a copy of his suicide note.

  5. Neil Hoskins

    @Clive etc

    Damn and blast, you got there before me. For me it brought to mind Alexei Sayle talking about that famous publication, "What's On in Stoke Newington". Apparently it's just a large piece of paper with "fuck all" written across it.

  6. Dan
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    Links in article

    Erm, check them.

  7. Chris Williams
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    Which nation?

    "Steve Wright, one of nation's favourite DJs, is a man with a brain the size of a small planet"

    There must be another Steve Wright then, because the one I would move house to avoid having ever to listen to is a waffling turdbag with a brain the size of a small p.

  8. Dan Collett
    Paris Hilton


    May i suggest washing you mouth out with somthing such as Fairy Liquid you heathen!

    I want to know what Paris thinks of this list?

  9. Anonymous Coward
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    Mmmm 404

    I think I should work on a FOTW

  10. Matty


    I want the Lego book! Me and my 11-year old son will do battle with the repressive girly regime we have to co-exist with! WE WILL be all conquering with our high-voltage 4x4 as it seeks to traverse the inhospitable landscape of a 14-year old girl's bedroom (bet it can't!).

  11. Jacob Reid
    Jobs Horns

    Government waste

    Is Gordon Brown included in the book? He is a waste of air, food and biomass that could be better used elsewhere.

    PS. I seriously hope that iBrick book was a joke...

    @anonymous: you forgot I want to download files with 3G - you can't.

  12. Turbojerry

    The Optimist's Handbook

    I think it only fair to also include something from the other side of the argument, namely On Bullshit by HG Frankfurt and given Northern Rock, subprime meltdown etc Manias, Panics and Crashes: A History of Financial Crises by by Charles P. Kindleberger might also be an interesting read, personally I'm hoping Santa brings me a desktop fab from Fab@Home.

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