back to article Sellers price up 8GB Eee PC

Even though the 4GB version of Asus' elfin Eee PC isn't exactly easy to get hold of, some system sellers have started taking advance orders for the as-yet-unreleased 8GB model. Set be available in both white and black versions, the 8GB solid-state disk Eee PC comes with 1GB of DDR 2 memory - double that installed in the 4GB …


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  1. Chris Morrison
    Paris Hilton

    Any Excuse,,,,

    ,,,For el reg to post that promotional photo.

  2. Andy Kavanagh

    4GB not easy to get hold of?

    You're looking in the wrong place! Toys R Us have MILLIONS of them in-store.

    [Actual MILLIONS may be lower than suggested]

  3. Haku

    Higher res screen, please!

    Got my Eee a few days ago (sadly the woman in that promo photo isn't included) and it's a nice unit to use because of the small size and weight, except most webpages are designed with 1024 pixel width screens in mind so you have to get used to sideways scrolling a lot, and some apps aren't designed to fit into 480 pixel height screens so you lose the "OK" etc. buttons beyond the bottom of the screen on popup windows - mostly happens with WinXP etc. but even happens on the included Xandros OS.

    So Asus, please can we have a higher resolution screen on the next version, even if it's a 7". Oh and a 1.8" drive bay too, flash memory drive is a great addition but for the £84 price difference between the 4gb and 8gb Eee's, you could buy a 60gb double platter 1.8" drive with change to spare.

  4. Chris

    Is the drive upgradable?

    Anyone know if it will be possible to upgrade the SDD in these machines? Is there a standard form factor for them?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sony UX Vaio Micro PC $2499

    So my choice is between this, at 219 quid, which can surf/edit documents/skype/videophone/email/play videos etc. and say, something like a Sony UX Vaio, at $2499 which does the same thing, only with a slightly bigger screen (1024x600) and a much high spec processor/flash (which it needs it to run Vista, but you don't really benefit from).

    Looks a winner, if they got the same 1024x600 screen the Vaio has, it would totally own the market.

  6. unsung rob

    Re: Upgradable Drive

    According to some recent posts on the mini-pcie slot is meant for replacement SSDs. There aren't any mini-pcie ssds out at the moment though...

    Re:AC - the screen is 800x480, i find it fine tbh.

  7. Uwe Dippel


    As always, when it is about Eee PC, I drop in for the picture of the bird on the beach.

    Until now, no disappointment. She's stuck lying there for us.

    Make her the Eee PC icon !

  8. Anonymous Coward

    She's back!

    I got a little worried we weren't gonna see that pic anymore after the last pic-less e-pc story.

  9. Lee Ward

    @ Is the drive upgradable?

    Would 8 gigs of storage and 2 gigs of ram do ?

    Looks like upgrades will be easy

    Being frugal, I figure I may buy a 4G unit in the late winter and upgrade it


  10. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Temperature issue

    I've played around with the 4gig eee of a friend and the thing which annoys me is that it gets quite warm after just a few minutes even if you don't do anything with it. Some moments later the fan goes off. I really like it, the keyboard is small but not too small, the screen could be a tad bigger (1024) but I'm sure I could live with that as well. But the temperature issue prevents me from buying one myself. I hoped to replace my old palm and ancient laptop with it, but I don't need a heater. It's also the front side of the eee which gets warm, so you can't help but notice it when your palms rest on it while typing.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Toys R Us

    Out of stock, at least on the web, so they can't have had millions, unless millions of Reg readers ordered after seeing the earlier comment!

    Given that memory cards are cheap, I wonder if the advantage of an 8GB model is that great.

    Another thought, is this so nice that it's not worth paying 80 squid extra for a cheapo laptop, which has a DVD writer, a proper hard drive, a full size screen, and a copy of (boo, hiss) Windows?

    I'm very tempted but reserving judgement till I've seen one in reality. If it reminds me enough of my old Psion I'll buy it.

  12. mark fernandes

    eepc ssd

    Hope that this is helpful.

    SSD is surface-mounted to motherboard (so not easily upgraded)

    SSD is faster than flash memory e.g. USB sticks & SD

    Some people have reported that later model (sold in UK?) eeepcs no longer have second pcie slot connector installed, just the pads (possible parts shortage?)

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