back to article New Zealander's Nokia explodes

Nokia is investigating why a New Zealand man's phone blew up while it was being recharged. According to national broadcaster One News, Auckland resident Norman Sievewright's handset exploded during Wednesday night. It was by his bedside at the time, and the detonation caused him a "huge fright". It also left charred marks on …


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  1. Jim Howes

    Nokia battery recall

    FYI - The nokia replacement site is at

    You will need the 26-character battery serial number.

    If your battery is affected, they will send you a new one by DHL, and you send the old one back by prepaid mail to the Netherlands for proper disposal. Later on, they will then send you a new one by DHL (again) for no apparently good reason. They will then ignore your attempts to contact them over this duplicate order. Result: Two new batteries. Way to go Nokia.

  2. heystoopid


    Given the usual one cent in the dollar types one routinely encounters on travelling around the twin islands of the thick white cloud , me thinks it be the far cheaper clone type using those questionable batteries made by the great recall maker itself in a possible ploy to discredit it's arch phone rival and nemisis !

  3. Big Pete

    @Jim Howes

    You must have my battery, I went to their site, filled in my 26 digit number, was told my battery was one of the effected ones, entered my details and was informed a new battery would be sent to me. This was months ago, to date, no new battery, bloody Nokia.

    I used the flame icon as a symbol of my yet to be burning phone.

  4. Ishkandar

    Expolding "official" batteries

    Strange that the non-official batteries made by Gold Peak Co. have not been know to explode. Must be something in the water they drink !!

  5. Charles Manning

    Upside down

    In the Southern Hemisphere you have to hold your phone upside down otherwise you void warrantee. Everyone knows that!

  6. Paul Murray

    Surely not

    Is Nokia, or the company that makes the chargers, aware that NZ power is 240v, not 110?

  7. Parax

    @Paul Murray

    is paul murray aware that most of europe is also at 220/240 including finland where nokia comes from!

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