back to article Samsung secures 2007 most inappropriate ad title

A round of applause this morning for Samsung and CNN for jointly securing the web's most inappropriate ad title of 2007: CCN screen grab showing exploding mobile story with ad for Samsung Blast Good show. Silver medal goes, of course, to the UK's Motorcycle News for this fine effort back in August: Motorcycle News piece …


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  1. Dan Hardiker

    So some people *do* look at the adverts!

    I don't even notice them any more.

  2. jai


    i like the way your screenshot of the cnn page includes the disclaimer text that says "This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed"

  3. Finn


    I liked the fact that the "...may not be... ...redistributed." disclaimer is just bellow the button saying: "E-Mail this to a friend."

  4. Gavin Day

    the body had a ..

    presumably 'burn' but the text is a bit grainy..

  5. Jon Tocker

    "Samsung BLAST"

    Says it all, really. Only way the earlier HD ad could have preemptively beaten this fine example is if the motorcycle advertised was called a Harley Davidson "Bullet"...

  6. Lozzyho

    I dunno...

    I think the motorcycle news one still wins gold.

  7. mahoney

    @ "some people *do* look at the adverts"

    Hell, it even took me a minute to figure out that I was supposed to read the ad next to the story for it to make any sense. :S

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Makes you wonder doesn't it?

    The incident took place in South Korea, which is the home of Samsung.

    And then the Samsung Blast! Ad.

    Totally priceless.

    Makes you wonder if the Samsung Blast really does what it's namesake suggests.

This topic is closed for new posts.