back to article Google will chase chunk of US spectrum

Google has confirmed it's going to bid for a chunk of the US radio spectrum when the auction starts in January, making the announcement slightly ahead of Monday's deadline for all bidders to register their interest with the FCC (Federal Communication Commission). The chunk concerned is part of the 700Mhz due to be released by …


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  1. Matt

    Wireless Andriods, we are all doomed!!

    Erm that's all I have to say.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    At 4:20 Eastern Standard Time Google became self aware....

    If I'm going to have a super-intelligent AI overlord, it should have a cooler name than Google. Wintermute, Skynet.... anything but Google. For some reason Google makes me think of cookie-monster and that's just not right.

    Google knows everything. It knows when and how often I masturbate. It knows what I buy, where I live, who my friends are, what movies and books I like and my political opinions. Soon it will know where I am at all times and will be able to control where I'm going by manipulating my maps. When it controls the 700Mhz spectrum, there will be no stopping it.

    May as well get used to it now. Paris and I will have to escape to a wilderness compound to start the re-population of the planet... if Google-Monster hasn't gotten her already.

  3. FerretOfDoom
    Thumb Up


    So we'll all be on GPhones and will have plenty of access to Pr0n in the local coffee house GSpot...wait, that sounds bad.

  4. Rob McDougall

    @ Anonymous

    If Google makes you think of the cookie monster, then their marketing team has won! They want you to think that they are all soft and cuddly!

    But I guess Skynet would be cooler!

    Is the UK selling off a similar frequency in 2012 when the digital changeover is complete? Or is that going to be used completely by digital terrestrial TV?

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Well it's obvious

    Google plans to be a global multiplay Telco operator.

    Rumours about them buying up unlit fiber, buying up interconnect and negotiating peering deals with other carriers might just be a clue.

    What Telco's and ISPs tend to forget is that no one gives a stuff about them...

    The interface is the point where the user touches the "magical mobile interweb" and look what they have been up to there.

    Wake up sleepy telco's, your time is nearly up. About time too, you useless bunch of apathetic so and so's

This topic is closed for new posts.

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