back to article Spend-a-penny SMS service starts flowing

If you’re caught short in central London tonight then just text Westminster Council (WC), because it has launched a loo-locating texting service. Mobile-enabled geeks out on the pi** now need only text the word ‘toilet’ to 80097 and the service will text you back the street name of your closest water closet. The service is …


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  1. A J Stiles
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    But you have to pay for it

    But you still have to pay for it .....

    Going to the toilet is a biological necessity, and the idea of charging money for it has no place in a civilised society. Any party whose manifesto included outlawing pay toilets would get my vote.

  2. Hedley Phillips

    If they just built more toilets/closed fewer

    It would be easier to find one.

  3. John Taylor

    At least it tries to stop abusers.

    I know my local authority has started doing this but I think it's to help cover the costs of running therm and also keeping them free from vagrants etc who normally abuse them so charging actually has some benefits as it should reduce the amount of abuse facilities experience making them more available for people who need them.

    At least for quite a few of the pay one's I don't have to pay due to a key I've got due to my problems.

  4. Mark Burton


    What is the correct El Reg unit for this? or maybe 45,460litres is a "London night out"

  5. A J Stiles

    @ John Taylor

    It beggars belief that we can put a person on the surface of the Moon, yet we cannot design a public toilet which is physically impossible to vandalise.

    (My suggestion: have French-style squatting toilets -- after all, it's only the same as what you'd have to do anyway otherwise -- so no seat to rip off and also providing a handy floor drain; flushed from the main, so no cistern to break and flood the place, and entered via a labyrinth, so no lock to break. This probably can be improved upon.)

    Public toilets should be funded from general taxation -- after all, taxes are the subscription charge we pay to live in a civilised society.

  6. Gavin Jamie

    Of course what would be clever...

    would be to analyse the locations from which the service was requested and use that information to guide the in-stall-ation of further conveniences.

    Joined up government.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    @MacDonalds is a toilet

    As a matter of fact, any restaurant, particularly fast food ones, has toilets that you may use. Ditto for petrol stations. And they're so ubiquitous that you don't even have to ask anyone for directions to the nearest McDonalds or BP.

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