back to article Peter Erskine calls it a day at O2

Peter Erskine is to step down from his current role as head of Telefonica's European business, presumably to spend more time with the £12m he's reckoned to have made out of the O2 sale, though he'll remain on the Telefonica board. Erskine became CEO of O2 in 2001 and has been credited with turning a chunk of ageing telco, as …


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  1. kerlmann

    Not great??

    > the last 12 months has not been great for O2 so a change of leadership makes a certain amount of sense.

    If launching iphone, a very decent broadband service, the best indoor arena in the UK (by far), and remaining no.1 for customer connections aren't a great year, then I'd like to know what exactly might constitute such a year for anyone. It must be tough at the top.

    I'd call that going out on a high, but maybe I've missed something?

  2. pctechxp

    launching the ipod touch with phone bolted on

    Not quite sure I'd consider the iPhone launch (or the major event that never was) a high point and as I have read that Matthew Key was instrumental in bringing the iCon to the UK I'm not quite sure that would be grounds for promotion (though to be fair to the guy I'm sure Jobs and his blind followers can be very persuasive)

    Still, I personally am happy with the service they provide from both a coverage and customer service point of view (I use a Sony Ericsson K800) and wouldn't consider changing

    The question should now be when do they intend to dump the iPhone like that other ill-fated endeavour, i-mode.

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