back to article Data breach costs soar

There's more bad news for chancellor Alistair Darling in the wake of the HMRC data loss fiasco. A study by the US-based Ponemon Institute reckons information security breaches cost $197 per compromised record, compared to $182 per record last year. Ponemon's third annual Cost of a Data Breach study focuses on the results of …


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  1. Ben Boyle

    If only...

    ... we COULD desert UK.GOV, sadly we're a captive audience to the shambles that is HMG data management

  2. Robin Fairless

    Punters desert compromised firms

    Yeah i don't think I want to give any more of my money HM Revenue & Custom after this. I will search around for a different and cheaper organisation to pay my tax to next year!

  3. Ross

    Scale of economy

    [...information security breaches cost $197 per compromised record, compared to $182 per record last year.]

    Oh now I get it. The British Government are trying to reduce the cost of security breaches by using scale of economy. With 25 million records lost to the nether I bet we'll be seeing costs of a mere $100 per compromised record.

    It all makes sense.

  4. Martin
    Thumb Down

    Can't Take Business Elsewhere

    Since we can't take our business elsewhere the one option for the victims of the HMRC data breach is to change people running the business. Looks like labour won't be in power much longer then.

    Maybe that's the silver lining of this fiasco.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dock Darling's wages?

    When I lost my house keys as a kid my dad made me pay for a new lock out of my pocket money. It was the last set of keys I ever lost.

    I think that the Chancellor should be made to pay for the overall cost of loosing those disks out of his wages.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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