back to article Novell vs SCO will go to court after all

Novell has succeeded in getting a court to lift SCO's Chapter 11 immunity from legal action, meaning the firm's IP spat can go to trial. Normally Chapter 11 means that companies cannot take legal action against you - it is designed to protect a firm from creditors while it reorganises. SCO filed for protection in September. …


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  1. James

    So this is why IBM does all that nanoscale work... build an appropriately tiny violin for Darl McBride's fortune.

  2. Morely Dotes
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    Yes, it really is that simple

    Try to hijack Linux with bogus patent and copyright claims, watch your business go to the crapper.

    It couldn't happen to a more deserving Darlek (sic).

  3. Sean
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    Cue the tears...

    Aww, so sad to hear that they sued themselves into bankruptcy...And now are getting sued by Novell.

    No big loss, SCO hasn't done anything of any value in years.

  4. Who, Me?

    A minor point

    It's SCO v Novell, not Novell v SCO. SCO sued first and are now getting their richly deserved comeuppance via Novell's counterclaims.

  5. Lance

    An offer

    Who would offer anything for the UNIX business from SCO? I know of only one company using it and they regret it. The only money in UNIX is if you make hardware that goes along with it; SUN/Solaris, IBM/AIX and HP/HP-UX.

  6. yeah, right.


    Couldn't have happened to a nicer company. Now to get the SCO v. IBM stay lifted to complete the castrating of this little troll. Wouldn't be nice if, as part of the bankruptcy proceedings, SCO had to reveal who was behind their shenanigans?

    I'm certainly really curious as to why a CEO, with the full support of the board of directors, was allowed to drive a company into the ground on such a tenuous proposition, and why that CEO and the board of directors were never sued by the majority shareholders for their utter failure in their fiduciary duties.

    If I was a shareholder, I'd certainly be trying very very hard to strip the corporate veil to get at the assets of those truly responsible for this continuing fiasco.

  7. andy rock

    an offer

    "At the end of October SCO got an offer for its Unix business."

    two pints of ale and a bag of ready salted peanuts?

  8. Anonymous Coward

    @andy rock

    Why? Are the Vogons coming already?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    re: an offer

    ...and a CD of Caldera OpenLinux... ;)

    Shame, that was my introduction to Linux. Oh how the mighty are fallen!

  10. Rob Mossop

    Two pints?


    Surely that overvalues the current share value significantly - are you attempting to seed some kind of market overinflation for your shares so that you can by a pint yourself later on?

    Outrageous market manipulation like this should not be seen on the El Reg comment area!


  11. TeeCee Gold badge


    Crikey. All those poor people with money in Red Hat are going to be disappointed then.

    Remember, all generalisations are wrong.

  12. Greg C
    Paris Hilton

    @Yeah, right

    There have been companies built on tenuous business plans since the beginnings of business. Imagine how stupid google would look if no one used this internet thing.

    Or how smart Genuity would look if Verizon had bought them back. Or what would be left of Apple if there wasn't a market for flashy, overpriced, proprietary music players?

    No risk, no reward.

    SCO was left with no viable product, no market, and no plan. Look how long they've stayed in business!

    I think we're all in the wrong racket here. Even Paris Hilton has made a career out of a weak plan with little substance.


  13. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Personally, I'll go with the majority here

    and just say Die SCO ! Die !

  14. Daniel Snowden
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    The Nazgul!

    So now IBM's lawyers can eat the shirt off Darl McBrides back? All's well that ends well

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