back to article Nintendo DS Lite sets UK sales record

The Nintendo DS Lite has taken the record for the greatest number of games console units sold in the UK within a single week. nintendo ds lite in white Nintendo's DS Lite: selling like hot cakes Some 191,000 DS Lites were sold units during week 47 - the seven days up to 24 November. The console took the crown from Sony’s …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    No wonder

    I was never really a gamer, sort of grew out of it in my teenage years, but found the DS lite a really neat little package, and the games are a little more grown up. If loads more people like me have gone out and bought one, it's nosurrise they've done so well. (ps: this is not an ad!)

  2. PIB

    It's still no match

    "DS lite a really neat little package, and the games are a little more grown up."

    I think this is a temporary blip: The PSP Lite just broke records by selling 1 million plus units, since its recent launch, in Japan.

    As for games being more grown up, perhaps you didn't realise that there are serious apps, such as the city guides, for the PSP?

    Not to mention that PSP plays music, videos, photos etc. and can be used as a wireless internet browser/downloader et al. and all on a superb high quality screen.

    I know which portable console I would buy.

  3. Scott Mckenzie


    I assume you'd buy the wrong one then? The PSP.

    Last time i checked my DS Lite plays video, audio, has a web browser etc just the same and has a far, far more intuitive and revolutionary game play style - which is why it appeals.

    The PSP is more of the same, stunning graphics for it's size no question... but as a portable, fun, games machine the DS has it licked IMO.

  4. Iain

    Horses for courses, Scott

    I've got both at home, and while my wife loves the DS and won't touch the PSP, I end up spending more time on the latter, myself. I love the various Mario games, but I'm a Sega racing games fanboy, and between OutRun 2006, Sega Rally Revo and Crazy Taxi I'm very happy with it. PS1 games run really nicely as well.

    Re: things other than games, the DS has a better browser (even if you have to pay for it), but the music playing (that I don't really use much, since I have a 30Gb iPod) and particularly video playback (the screen is better than the iPod's) is an awful lot nicer.

  5. PIB

    @Scot M

    "I assume you'd buy the wrong one then? The PSP."

    I'm afraid I dont take seriously, posts which include sweeping, alost fanboy, statements such as this.

    I will say that I wasn't aware of the other capabilities of the DS. Nintendo don't appear to be extolling these virtues.

  6. matthew bennion

    @scot M

    Your slating the DS and he's slating the PSP

    The Pot calling kettle black.

    Face it your both Fan boy's :-)

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