back to article Java 6 for OS X 'weeks away'

A community project putting the latest version of Java on Apple's newest version of OS X is inching closer to completion. The project to port Java 6 to Apple's Leopard and Tiger has been quietly released as a second developer preview for a fresh round of testing, after the first implementation was thrashed and debugged by a …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Java and Apple

    I thought Aqua integration was the reason Apple wanted to do it themselves instead of letting SUN do it. Oh well good for him I wish him the best of luck. Could we have a thoroughly confused by corporate behavior icon. I use PH icon she would be confused by most of this.

  2. Gulfie
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    Nice one, although according to the Java Posse podcast of 15/11, GUI apps only run under X11. What chance a 'proper' OSX GUI implementation with no need to run an X server?

    Oh, and shame on you, Apple.

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