back to article Google agrees to cough Israeli blogger's IP address

Google has agreed to hand over the IP address of a user of its Blogger service accused of "slandering"* three Israeli council members. According to Globes Online, the trio of Shaarei Tikva men - local council chairman Gideon Idan, Shaarei Tikva director general Haim Blumenfeld, and council member Avi Yokobovich - were for more …


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  1. Sir Runcible Spoon
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    Are we to assume that this anonymous bod was using some kind of blog hosted by Google? Otherwise why would Google have his IP address?

    <insert missing info here>

  2. Alan
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    Read the Article

    @ By Sir Runcible Spoon

    No assumption required, read the article and it clearly states, the "Blogger" service, which is owned and operated by Google.

    Although interesting case this; because as a hoster of blogs ourselves, we do not keep the access logs for more than a few days.

  3. Znort666

    I think..

    that is run by google

    see this link

    so does that mean if he hadn't stated any criminal activities about these guys that it wouldn't have been slander...(should that be libel as the comments are written not verbal).

  4. Znort666


    maybe i should read bootnotes first...hat and coat time.

  5. TeeCee Gold badge
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    @Sir Spoon

    Nah. Google's ad serving technology knows the IP address of everyone who's ever posted anything on the Internet anywhere.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Same as China?

    Wasn't Google required to turn over information in China?

    I wonder if they'll catch hell over this or if everyone will ignore it because it isn't China.

  7. This post has been deleted by its author

  8. Chris Simmons


    "Although interesting case this"

    Are you the Yoda I have always dreamed of meeting? Teach me your force special.

  9. Walter Brown
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    @Same as China

    This isnt anything close to China, Google didnt hand over information willingly to a communist or oppressive government, nor will this information be used to imprison a person for expressing his views. the information will be used to collect monetary damages awarded to the plaintiffs by the court.

    Given that Israel is a nation that protects human rights, after this case is all over, the blogger will still be free, albeit broke, but free...

    the dumb ass should have known better... use your mother-in-laws computer when you do this kind of shit!

  10. Carlo Graziani

    Lesson Learned

    When selecting a blog service provider, the most important part of the privacy notice/TOS document is "we delete all logs after N days". If it doesn't say that, everything you write is hostage to the laws of the nation with the most hair-trigger sensitivity to unwelcome speech.

    Google, by their charter to keep and organize all information that they get their mitts on, are already "doing evil", and are going to do an awful lot more in the forseable future, under "legal compulsion" to disclose information they shouldn't be storing --- but are storing, because that's how they make money. Google may be suitable for blogging about cute kittens, but if you plan on pissing anybody off, look elsewhere.

  11. RK
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    @walter brown

    "given that Israel is a nation that protects human rights..."

    unless you're Palestinian...but hey, they're not humans, right?

    my question is...were the charges simply baseless or are the plaintiffs up to shady dealings, and they're using the courts to silence someone who's onto them? interestingly, no mention of this aspect, only "bloggerous slander".

    i hereby declare the invention of a new word (by me): "bloggerous". TM, circle R, circle C, etc., etc.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Walter Brown

    Without wanting to start a flame ware; "Given that Israel is a nation that protects human rights," this is some kind of joke, yes?

  13. lglethal Silver badge
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    @RK & Anon Coward

    Actually Israel does respect human rights. Quite substantially.

    All people arrested in Israel (Israeli's and Palestinian's) receive legal representation and due process under the law. They are not imprisoned indefinitely without charge, nor are they subject to torture or abuse whilst in custody. Freedom of political and religious belief are also protected by the Israeli constitution.

    As opposed to every other nation in the middle east who wilfully imprison, torture and murder anyone who happens to get on the wrong side of those in power. But then we dont take any notice of that do we?

    I suppose the reasons for your disparaging comments are based on the Israeli incursions into Palestinian territory where unfortunately Palestinian citizens are killed along with militants. However, if that is the reason then i propose that the US and the UK also do not respect Human rights - how many iraqi's and afghan's need to die before you will condemn them the same?

    PS Im not Israeli or a jew but i did live in Israel for a time not too long ago...

  14. Anonymous Coward

    @ lglethal

    "Actually Israel does respect human rights. Quite substantially."

    Sure they do... with rubber hoses and cattle prods right?

    What was that percentage of israeli soldiers who recently admitted to ENJOYING torturing Palestinians?

    PS How long does EL REG hang on to our IPs? ...should I now expect a friendly midnight visit from those nice chaps at mossad?

  15. Rick Brasche
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    I love their little dodge..

    as long as local "law enforcement" follows "local" law, then Google hands it over without qualms. If "local law" states that "ISP's must immediately turn over all information about anyone who says naughty things about local dictators based only on the victims' say-so" then Google can just hand it right over and claim they're being good "global citizens". Following the laws of repressive regimes have never given anyone else carte blanch to do evil, why should Google be treated differently?

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