back to article Google adds terrain to Google Maps

Google has added a "terrain" feature to its Google Maps service, giving a nice bit of light relief to its hitherto decidedly flat cartographical offering: San Bruno Mountain State Park, San Francisco, as seen on Google Maps terrain layer While there's a limit to how close you can zoom in, users can at least get some idea …


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  1. Jon Green

    "this view of Vulture Central's San Francisco Bureau headquarters"...

    ...has a strangely remodelled Transamerica Tower nearby!

  2. John Bayly
    Thumb Up

    Not on the API yet

    Though I can't see many of our customers needing it.

    Nice gimmick, though Pen-y-Pass appears to be labelled as Snowdon. I suppose it makes life easier for people wanting to walk it.

  3. Ben

    Is that really El Reg?

    I would think El Reg headquarters would be a bit further north. In between Bunker Road, and Slacker Hill?,-122.402922&ll=37.835005,-122.4861&spn=0.022709,0.040169&t=p&z=15


  4. TheThing


    What's that traffic option? Only available for US maps?

  5. Hedley Phillips

    Ah but

    The Satellite image now includes the google map data so you can no longer just see the satellite image.

    Shame as I like printing off areas as presents for family. (everyone loves a satellite image of their house) and it is nice to see the uncluttered satellite image.

  6. James Delaney

    @Hedley Phillips

    You can get rid of the overlay on the satellite images by unchecking 'Show Labels' under the 'Satellite' button (when in that view)

  7. James Weston

    Love it

    @Hedley Phillips

    You can remove the labels from Satellite view by hovering your pointer over Satellite to reveal a checkbox to "Show labels" :)

  8. Sarev

    Rolled back by years

    Anyone know why the satellite imagery (specifically for a lot of the UK) seems to have rolled back by years? The views of where I live are now back to showing stuff from before I moved in to my house, which was seven YEARS ago now!!

  9. Mike Tree

    Rough Seas

    The sea looks a little rough off the coast of Flamborough,-122.402871&spn=0.001967,0.003637&z=18&om=1&layer=c&cbll=37.794078,-122.402922&cbp=1,585.5876399612763,,0,-2.3750110637723645

  10. ian
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    Bloody useless...

    ... how am I to know that my house is going to be above sea level after global warming without the bleeding CONTOUR LINES!??!

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