back to article Google permits Dell to sell Dell servers

Dell has cuddled right on up to Google, agreeing to hawk search appliances directly to customers. A deal like this has been in the making for some time, since Dell actually provides the hardware for the Google Search Appliance. Google has relied on the PowerEdge 2950 rather than making custom hardware as it does for its own …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    I am no internet bebo - but I really don't get the context of this article! Cue flame war...

  2. Scott Mckenzie


    I guess it's so companies can drop a box like this on to their network and have a dedicated search system for files/data contained on their internal network.

    Probably quite useful in a large company!

  3. Tom


    ...El Reg hasn't just regurgitated a press release has it? For shame!

    If only I could do something about my SME's document searching requirements...that doesn't impact upon firewall security ...Any ideas? Anyone?


  4. James

    That "How it works" graphic on the Dell site

    Must be the most simplistic and retarded diagram I've ever seen. It might as well just say "MAGIC BOX MAKE FILES FOUND." Still, it's aimed at the management, I suppose.

  5. Stewart Atkins

    Doesnt dell sell dell servers anyway?

    should the title not be "google permits dell to sell google servers" or something similar, seeing as its google servers rather than dell's

  6. Matt Bryant Silver badge


    It lists Domino and Notes, can it also do bog standard Exchange and Outlook as well? If so, it would make a very nice and simple means of doing those email searches and retrievals when someone is waving a court writ at you. Is BAe on the customer list....?

  7. Richard Hicks
    Thumb Up


    Just spat out a mouthful of apple juice at your comment. Have to say I agree completely.

  8. Danny Williams

    Different Google appliance

    Search is all well and good, but ring me up when they have a gmail+Docs appliance I can install behind my firewall and take backups.

  9. Nick Palmer

    @Stewart Atkins

    It's Google's software running on Dell Poweredge 2950 rackmount servers; the title has just a smidge of irony, OK?

  10. TeeCee Gold badge

    Distinctive bezel?

    I should say so! That one's going to stand out in a rack now.

    Looks to me like someone's had a particularly nasty tummy problem after a couple of weeks on a paella and custard diet. I'd be looking to hide it behind a tape safe or something else suitably large, dull and opaque.

    "Boy racer" stylie servers. Who'd have thunk it?

  11. Anonymous Coward

    This way....

    This way they will know which ones to steal when they break down the wall at your secure downtown datacenter.

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