back to article Firms fear disgruntled staff: report

Who do Irish organisations consider the biggest threat to their finances? Possibly you, according to a new survey from Citrix. The study from the software giant found that 49 per cent of IT specialists said people, or more precisely disgruntled staff, are a major financial threat to Irish businesses. The survey found that …


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  1. Big_Boomer Silver badge


    The biggest security risk has ALWAYS been internal despite what all the "Security" vendors would like you to believe.

    As for the headline "Firms fear disgruntled staff" well so they should.

    They could always try not disgruntling the staff in the first place.

    You know, get shot of all the pointless paperwork, make sure that they treat people like people, etc.

    What is needed is a new law against disgruntling.

    Make it illegal for firms to disgruntle staff and customers and this kind of problem will go away. Better yet, implement a new tax on disgruntlers.

    Disgruntle is a very silly word!

  2. Ian Bremner

    A simple solution

    Maybe they can find some way of re-gruntling employees. Some sort of mechanis at the front door that sprays a gruntling solution on them as they pass through?

    Or maybe I should just get me coat.

  3. Mark

    Maybe they ought to up the pay rates

    and get the best sort of employees rather than the cheap and unreliable ones.

    After all, that's the reason for the highe CEO renumeration, so that they can get the best recruits? So why not extend that downwards?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    It doesn't matter what you pay or how you treat people, there will still be those who feel badly done by.

    I sacked someone last year after trying time and time again to get her settled into the business, gave her extra help and turned a blind eye to poor work performance; only for her to cause several injuries children in our care.

    The result? we apparently "bullied" her. We lost a number of clients because she goes around telling lies about why she left. I TOLD the boss we should have pursued criminal action against her.

    She is stupid, brainless, immature and badly educated, but none of this is her fault, it is ours !!??!!

    Sorry not really an IT related job, but she does look like an even dimmer version of Paris Hilton

  5. Harry Stottle

    Corrupt Insiders are an insoluble problem

    as I've tried to describe here:

    It is the chief reason why it will NEVER be acceptable for governments to hold massive central databases filled with sensitive data to which thousands of people require access. As I've argued here:

    the sheer market value of the kind of data they want to store about us is somewhere between £1000 and £10,000 EACH. Given that they want to store 60 Million sets of such data, the total value of that data makes it worth an attacker spending sums close to the American Military budget in order to find weaknesses in the system. How many potential "disgruntled workers" could or would resist a million quid bribe? Come to that (and here I am in agreement with Big_boomer) how many "gruntled" workers could or would resist bribes on that scale?

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