back to article UK Sidekick Slide sales suspended

T-Mobile has pulled the troubled Sidekick Slide phone from its the shelves of its UK stores following reports of “power cycle” faults in the US. T-Mobile Sidekick Slide mobile phone Sidekick Slide: onsale in the US, but not the UK The device is manufactured by Motorola and was supposed to go on sale in the UK on 19 November …


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  1. Philip
    Thumb Down

    Perhaps they should keep sales suspended ;)

    it's more than a bit fugly from that pic.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Its still a piece of crap.

    Which is a pitty. The sidekick platform itself is amazing. Constantly updates itself, and its a dream to support if theres a software issue.

    But the components on the sidekicks are just rubbish, no 3g, 1.3mb camera, no software avalible, max 4 email addresses. Even the most anti-iphone person would take an iphone over this piece of crap.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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