back to article Second jellyfish pack moves on UK

A second pack comprising millions of juvenile mauve stinger jellyfish has been spotted off the coast of Scotland, less than a week after an overwhelming attack by Pelagia nocticula killed 100,000 salmon at a Northern Ireland fish farm. The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) announced on Friday the sighting of massed mauve …


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  1. Keith T

    Migrants threaten the U.K. economy

    Once again we are faced with an influx of unwanted immigrants causing hardship and heartache our own native workers.

    While, before, we were happy to see foreigners toiling on our farms for a pittance and poor living conditions this is taking things too far.

    Masses of foreign invaders not happy just to visit our shores but pillaging the crops. Such are the numbers of these non-native freeloaders that the police have been unable to provide any effective deterrent.

    I say send them back to the Mediterranean where they belong and leave our poor farm workers alone.

  2. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Nature Showing the Way .... ?!.

    A Prescient Analogy, Keith T.

  3. Anthony

    Nature v Nurture

    Well I think this answers that age old question.. Nature wins every time.

    They ate Irish Salmon, now they're moving in on Scottish prawns. If only Jamie Oliver could come up with a tasty Jellyfish recipe for Sainsburys.

    Or "Organic salmon reared jellyfish. This isn't just jellyfish, it's Marks and Spencers jellyfish."

    If all else fails, just pretend they're sensitive data and they'll soon go missing.

  4. Tawakalna
    Paris Hilton

    I for one..

    ..welcome our new jellyfish masters!

  5. Christopher Rogers

    Prescient ?

    A good analogy....

    Anyhoo, can no one think of some way to kill these things? Get a few into a lab and develop a disease for them.

  6. Paul

    Re: Nature v Nurture

    "If all else fails, just pretend they're sensitive data and they'll soon go missing."

    Na. Wont do any good. All that will happen is that they will go missing for months, and then reappear at the worst moment possible. Probably just as you dive in to the sea on the first day of your summer holiday.

  7. kasparator

    Waste of time

    I already spent too much time reading these comments. Now back to work, eating swans and cementing English countryside.

    Yours truly

    blame-for-everything Eastern European

  8. Chris Morrison

    YAWN....Global Warming Scare mongering again

    "the conditions causing these current events remain unclear, such swarms may become more prevalent in Scottish waters as a result of climate change"

    Does this sentence not contradict itself.

    As always with hippie scientists if something unusual is happening that they can;t explain then it must have been caused by Global warming. The amount of money these researchers are getting just by claiming that everything that happens in the world is caused by global warming.

    All these damn hippies are pissing me off! (and no I dont work for an oil company or anything that even remotely contributes to global warming).


  9. Slappy
    Paris Hilton

    Re: Re: Nature v Nurture

    We just need to find a use for them, Organic, self healing breast implants?

  10. David S

    @Christopher Rogers

    Um... Chronic Indigestion?

  11. wim
    Thumb Down

    @Christopher Rogers

    Yes because we all know how smart and unsuccessful we have been in messing with nature.

    Australian rabbits anybody ?

  12. Matt

    Re: Organic, self healing breast implants?

    Yeah but would you want to give one a grope?

  13. Geoff Mackenzie

    Easy fix ...

    Stop overfishing.

  14. Jim

    @Chris Morrison

    No, that 'fragment of a sentence' doesn't contradict itself.

    That climate change is happening is not in doubt so to ignore this as a 'possibility' would be negligent. It is inevitable that the fishing corps will latch on to this reason though as the alternative, over-fishing, is not good for their business. See? Anyone will bang the climate change drum if it suits them.

  15. Norm DePlume


    "Where vertebrates fall, invertebrates increase."

    Ah, another article about IT management.

  16. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Luscious Fruits

    "I for one..

    By Tawakalna

    Posted Monday 26th November 2007 10:33 GMT

    Paris Hilton

    ..welcome our new jellyfish masters!"

    Sounds deliciousy perverse, Tawakalna.

  17. Anonymous John

    "juvenile mauve stinger jellyfish "


    Can't they be given ASBOs or something?

  18. Luther Blissett

    I see an opportunity

    The price of salmon and finished goods is going to rocket after these blighters do the same to Scottish farmed salmon as they just did in Ireland. By the time they eat their way through Scotland, it'll be cheaper to have smoked gold leaf for hors d'oeuvre. I hope they don't stop eating when they hit dry land, and stay hungry all the way to Holyrood.

  19. yeah, right.


    So we killed off their predators, so we get more jellyfish.

    Then people propose to kill off the jellyfish.

    One wonders what jellyfish keep under control that will then grow unchecked.

    Shades of the Heorot books by Niven, Pournelle and Barnes.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I for one welcome our new Jellyfish overlords.

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