back to article Melting ice kills polar bears, say boffins

Al Gore might have been partly right after all. Melting sea ice could indeed be contributing to the death of polar bears, but the cause is more likely starvation than drowning*. Researchers analysing 20 years of population data of polar bears in Canada's Hudson Bay report a correlation between yearly survival rates of the very …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Predictable comment to follow

    Shut up! Climate change denier! Shut up! Do what I tell you to do! We told you so! Your 4x4 killed that bear! Shut up! Prius!

  2. Webster Phreaky
    Dead Vulture

    Please EXPLAIN Warming to the Dinos 225 MYA

    Could someone please explain the HUMAN cause of Global Warming to the Dino and other Earthly Inhabitants 225 MYA (Triassic Period) when the mean temp of Earth was 8 degrees hotter (we're ONLY .5 higher) and the O2 levels were 20% higher and there were NO Polar Ice Caps??

    The Global Warming Religion, all you GW "Boffins" and Al Gore are Full of Bull$hit .... and the Dollar sign is quite appropriate (GE is ONE of hundreds of Corporations that are promoting the GW scare and WILL PROFIT From It)

  3. Karl Lattimer

    You can quote me on this...

    Let evolution take care of it, I don't feel the sudden urge to go out and save every beast that might be in danger. We do live in this whole evolve or die type world, so either the seal pups will have to evolve or the bears, or both. Either way in a few short millennia they won't look anything like polar bears and seals.

    btw for those of you who can't figure out the quotable tid bit... "Let evolution take care of it" is the choice phrase of the future.

    /watching nature in action

  4. Mark


    Well, AC it looks like your persecution complex is alive and kicking.

    Hours later and No Such Comment.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    OK, but what we really care about...

    ... is what global warming is doing to Manbearpig!!

  6. Risky


    Hell knows what the offspring of a polar-grizzly cross is, but I think I'll stay out of it's way.

    Anyway Mr Gore outght to get righ up there and help round up a few more seal pups for the poor things. I'm sure that will get him some more support.

  7. Rick Brasche
    Dead Vulture

    Save the seals!

    isn't this what enviro-greenie Hollywood hippies wanted? to save the seal pups? Then this is a good thing! Kill those nasty bears, because they're eating the seal pups!

    I always hope, someday, leftist agenda and enviro-Nazis will someday understand that nature is a complex system. Save the bunny, and the hawk's young starve. Save the bear, the seals die. Heat the water, something melts, and somewhere else there is new growth.

    But you can't explain this to religious fanatics. And that's what AGW and earth-firsters are. they love to pretend intellectual and logical superiority with their anti-Christian kneejerk response, think they're so much smarter with their FSM and their lames @ss "jeebus" mockery. But they follow with blind faith the Gaea lines and ignore as much science that opposes their worship as any "intelligent design" follower ever did.

    Hollywood and Al Gore need a wake up call. Humans are not as awesome as we like to think we are. Worshipping Humanity (with the capital H) and giving Mankind deity-level power doesn't necessarily make it true. We *might*, if we tried exclusively and really hard, possibly eliminate most of the life on this planet, including ourselves. But in an eyeblink of geological time, it would be right back to whatever new level. By simply being neglectful, we can make changes, which may make things uncomfortable for us, but life would get along just fine.

    And even though most greenies lost their long-term memory to chemical abuse, real science shows the planet changed a lot, back and forth, before humans arrived-before even mammals, and before most of the plants you see today even. Does anyone with a brain honestly expect humans will be the last species to dominate here, before the sun dies out?

    dead vulture chosen cuz there's no dead cute baby seal icon. PH may be brain dead but isn't cute, so her icon isn't appropriate here.:P

  8. Graham Dawson Silver badge

    Starving because of... overpopulation!

    It's quite hard to claim that polar bears are dying off when their numbrs have increased from approximately 5000 in the 70s to around 25,000 today. They're considered vermin in a lot of areas now. And, to top it all off, they have no fear of man and like to invade villages and eat people. If they're starving it's because there's too many of them.

  9. Name

    One problem GW wackos - World wide popultion of Polar Bears is UP!

    Bad reporting that only tells 1/3 of the story. Meanwhile, the worldwide overall population of Polar Bears has increased. It has only decreased in two areas which the GW Nazis quote ad nauseum in their articles about how we should replace all the light bulbs in our house with mercury filled fluorescent bulbs and driving tiny little hybrids on my 35 mile commute through one of the biggest snow belts in the U.S. Of course I'll need one for each foot with how small they are.


  10. Daniel B.

    Global Warming is real, dudes!

    @Mark: "Hours later and No Such Comment."

    Didn't read Webster Phreaky? Funny thing it came right after AC's comment. ;)

    @Webster: Warming/cooling cycles and climate change do happen, global warming is happening; the question is if it is really part of nature or because of increased CO2 levels and modern industrial processes. Aside from that, the sheer quantity of pollution generated by zillions of petrol-based engines running are damaging by themselves. Oh well, then again, this comes from someone who thinks there is no such thing as Latin America (as there are NO former Italian colonies in America) ... oh well...

    I think the Global Warming camp might have benefited huge in the US because of that "Day After Tomorrow" movie, but even more when a year later, New Orleans went underwater.

  11. Roly Gross

    Nope - Not going to make a comment...

    ...until there's a decent climate denial post worth rubbishing. The few on here so far have been pathetic!!

  12. Josh
    Thumb Up


    The worry about species dying off is real. Sure, the earth was warmer before than it is in our lifetimes...but it took millennia to get there, allowing a broader sample of flora and fauna to adapt to the change, carrying whole ecosystems through the process. The mass-extinction concern revolves primarily around the idea that man-made change will occur too rapidly for enough of the current species to evolve to the new climate and it's changed environments, and the loss of those species (both plant and animal) will contribute to even greater human AND animal losses as ecosystems collapse around the world.

    Having said this, I for one could care less if global warming means I never have to see snow again...and living in Ohio, I would expect winter to become the rainy season (you can already see it happening: what used to be inches of snow each year is becoming more and more rain), while the southern US gets burned (again, already in motion). This will drive more people north, in essence driving up my property values as people flood in to seek refuge in the 'new tropics'.

    And for starving to death? There will always be food available, but there will be so much less (until new farmlands are 'discovered') that the prices will be astronomical. I've been pretty resourceful about getting fed in times of dire need before. It was for lack of money then that I faced the prospect of not eating time and again. This is essentially what will happen again, and I will deal with it then as I have in the past.

  13. Charles Hammond


    This is pure baloney. Canada has been claiming polar bear populations are on the rise.

  14. Steve

    @Roly Gross

    But none quite a pathetic as your post. Shame you can't be bothered to constructively put across your arguments instead waiting until there's something that you think you can rubbish by regurgitating the Al Gore line.

  15. Mark


    I read the first comment as actually *saying* that AGW was bull. Not that there'd be a loon Denying Everything (tm).

    Maybe I'm too used to the loon getting in first.

    PS: as to there being more polar bears, could it be that they are having to move out of the trackless north where we couldn't count them to human territory where we can? 'cos I'm figuring you're only looking fir reasons that bolster your preconceived ideas.

    Try to be a little more sceptical in future...

  16. anarchic-teapot

    "Survivorship has dropped in the cubs"

    Survivorship??? Presumùably they *mean* survival, but in any case I get this vision of polar bears in Boy Scout outfits getting badges for swimming from floe to floe...

  17. Dale Morgan

    Re:Please EXPLAIN Warming to the Dinos 225 MYA

    It might of had something to do with the large ammount of volcanic activity in siberia that caused the great dying, global warming wiped out 98% of life on the planet.

    The triassic period was the period the planet and life was recovering from mass extinction. .

  18. auser

    Only one small problem...

    If we let evolution solve this, like it did with the dinos, then we will just die out like they did. So while evolution is a nice way to sort things out, shouldn't we go againsts it and save our _own_ species? Personally I don't care about what caused this situation but I would really like to know how to turn it back. We can accept that it's a natural phenomenon and do the same that the dinos did and simply die out. I would like to see a future where human intervention reverses the current trend, be it natural or man made.

  19. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    We *might*, if we tried exclusively and really hard

    Bollocks. All we have to do today is push the big red button on Putin's and Dubya's desk.

    Five minutes all told, and the future of Humanity and most of Life as we know it will be to die from radiation poisoning and starvation.

    The hard work has already been done. Now it's easy.

  20. Paul


    Yes, because all the GW deniers here are putting across good arguments to rebut.

    I’m sorry by "GW is a religion" Is just a silly comment. The generally agreed theory is that GW is affecting our planet and it is our fault AND it will affect humanity. I realy cant listen to people who say, "well not all scientist agree" yes, but not all agree on the existence of gravity, or Newtonian Physics...

  21. TeeCee Gold badge



  22. Alan Paice

    Good those evil bears killed my..

    Father, Mother and Wife.. I for one will be glad of their demise

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What proportion of people are GW deniers?

    And does that proportion map accurately onto the proportion who are irresponsible idiots?

    Further: as the irresponsible idiot percentage of humanity increases (due to not using birth control, as obviously we should let these things sort themselves out) will this hasten our species extinction or slow it?

    Not as clear cut as you may think, due to a linkage between irresponsible behaviour and being too damn lazy to work it may be self-correcting as the GW denier types die out quicker when food starts getting scarcer.

    Hey, there's a thought - we could eat the GW deniers: "You said that there was no problem, we are low on food, payback time".

    Oh, I forgot. We can just eat all of the hoards of polar bears. ;)

  24. Richard Gadsden

    Triassic Global Warming

    The cause of the Triassic global warming was plate tectonics.

    If the plates are arranged to give open flows of water across both poles, then we get a "hothouse" earth, like the Triassic/Jurassic/Cretaceous/Pliocene period.

    If there is open access to neither pole, as at the moment (Pleistocene/Holocene), then we get an "icehouse" earth, which alternates between ice ages and interglacials. We're currently in an interglacial.

    The reason for this is that ocean currents carry warmer water to the poles, which prevents them freezing and so lowers the albedo of the planet, raising the temperature. Land at the pole (Antarctic) or surrounding the pole (Arctic) prevents this happening, the poles freeze and the albedo rises.

  25. Roly Gross


    Nope - still nothing......and I generally don't comment on anonymous(ish) posts anyway but in this case....

    My view is if you have something that's better than the conclusions of several thousand climate scientists that support AGW, I think I might be able to spot it. It's not for me to reiterate the accepted science but for you guys to put in the effort to understand that science and put forward something worth commenting on.

    Maybe take some advice from Abraham Lincoln 'Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt'.

  26. Anonymous Coward

    Leading the Charge

    Look into the ones leading the charge on anti global warming. It's the same people who were hired by the Tobacco Companies to try to put the kibosh on the link between smoking and lung cancer. I think we know the result of that one. By the time people figure this one out, it will be too late to reverse it.

    You know, we actually used to have some kind of winter here in Florida. Now I'm lucky if I get to wear long sleeves in November at all. Plus, we're in a drought. So if you want them in Ohio, take them! Please! More fresh water for those of us already here!

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