back to article Cyber Monday® destruction tests Yahoo!

[Updated casualty list] Turkeys of Black Friday Yahoo! Yahoo!'s payment! processing! system! is mostly exclaiming a death-rattle today, as online shoppers pound the cyber-checkout at the start of the holiday shopping season. The company said that several retailers who depend on Yahoo for e-commerce are reporting error …


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  1. Andrew Listochkin

    Change! The! Title!

    Keep! Exclamation! Marks! When! Write! About! Yahoo!. Change! The! Title! To!

    ‘Yahoo! Got! Tested! By! Cyber Monday!

  2. Matthew

    Black Monday

    Non-US readers might be interested to know that 'Black Monday' in this sense is the day that US retailers start to turn a profit for the year, i.e. they go into the black. However, the connotations of cbyergeddon in this case is appropriate.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Circuit City

    Circuit City was unavailable for at least one hour on Thursday. Their site stated that it was 'unavailable at this time due to new price updates'

This topic is closed for new posts.

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