back to article Retailer touts sweat-swatting mouse

Sweaty palms afflict us all sometimes, but for office workers constantly plagued by hands that feel like a wet fish then a hand-fan’s ideal. Thankfully, one’s been built into a computer mouse. Brando_fan_mouse OptiWind: it really sucks, and blows Dubbed OptiWind, the USB mouse has a fan built into its base that sucks air in …


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  1. Matt

    Already here in the UK

    OK, it's no tht e same mouse but you can get a mouse with built in fans from firebox

  2. Parax
    Dead Vulture

    How out of date?

    Been around for ages.

    Review from 2004 - thats ages!

  3. Ross Fleming Silver badge

    Cornering abilities...

    Just think how this thing will corner at speed! The downforce it creates must be tremendous..

  4. Julian Cook

    Almost right

    I have to say that the gist of the story is right, if not a little bit late, it was quiet interesting the thought of a mouse that has a fan in to cool your hands, right up to the point when I looked down and saw that I already had one. I have to say that for office work they are fantastic, for games not so much. Ah well I guess I will have to keep reading to find my next new gadget

  5. Roberto Hortal

    Got this one over 1 yr ago

    My girlfriend -yes, some of your readers have them- got me this mouse over a year ago.

    I don't actually use the fan very often but the mouse is deceptively ergonomic and precise. It quickly became my main mouse, which it still is. Higly recommended!

  6. Anonymous Coward

    I like sweaty palms...

    nuff said

  7. Mike Moyle

    Ducted fan

    Is there a switch to reverse the fan? I don't have sweaty palms, but I like the idea of a hover-mouse.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Doesn't work with Vista?

    Much as I hate the Hollywood-paranoia-encumbered bloatware, I have to leap to its defence on this one. I presume the only reason why you say it's not compatible with Vista is because it's an old product which doesn't say Vista on the box because Vista wasn't around at the time. A mouse is a mouse is a mouse - they all work with all OSs, within reason.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    Generic Title

    Perhaps this archive digging was prompted by El Reg's new iFan icon?

    I like the Hover mouse idea, but perhaps the original idea was a hoover mouse to suck up all those crumbs that get stuck in the ball.. (I know its optical but they get under the teflon pads too!! and when this mouse was invented those many years ago balls were still common)

    Shame on el reg for being so out of date/touch on this one, I look forward to the next article on mice with frikken lazer beams.

  10. Paul Hurst
    Paris Hilton


    it really sucks, and blows

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