back to article Retailer reveals Wii Laser Sword

For die-hard Star Wars fans, the Lightsabre is probably the film series' coolest asset. So thank your lucky Death Star that a Lightsabre peripheral for the Wii remote has been unveiled. Wii_Light_Sword The Wii Light Sword Dubbed the Wii Light Sword, the add-on has just cropped up on online retailer’s website. The …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    You too can have a glowing dildo to add inches to your remote.

    Hurry now, while stocks last.

    Note, players must add BZZZZZZZ effects themselves.

  2. M Brown
    Thumb Up

    One one hand

    Its a cheap tacky, needless peripheral.

    But on the other, its a f**king lightsabre!!!! Yes, sign me up for on doc

  3. Giles Jones Gold badge


    This looks like it obscures the front of the Wiimote, this will stop the device being used for pointing?

  4. Neil Hoskins

    No sound?

    "...Sadly, the Light Sword doesn’t make a “Vvvvwwwwwvvvv” sound when its waved around..."

    Pathetic. The N95 "community" is currently up to version three, with a volume control and a choice of red or green. Our training is complete. Mention iPhones at your peril ;-)

  5. Dan B

    so its a freaking wii-remote in a tube...?!?

    See above.

    How can this be sold as a product?

  6. Rob



  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Wii has rumble and a built in speaker...

    "players must add BZZZZZZZ "

    Not at all, the controller has a built in buzz feedback and a speaker, so it would be ideal for that.

    Perhaps "Nintendo Virtual Mario Sex" for women who want to have fake sex with an fat ugly Italian plumber?

    Or for soldiers out on duty whose wives can't keep their legs closed or have only limited grasp of their marriage vows?

  8. Andy Gates


    Oh man, that is *so* on my Chrimbo list.

    "Only a master of Wiivil, Darth..."

  9. James Henstridge

    Sound effects

    There is a speaker in the Wii controller though, so it should be possible for Star Wars games to add light sabre sounds.

  10. Anonymous Coward


    Does this mean wii-players can't laugh at star wars kid anymore?

  11. Robert Hill

    How long until the lawsuits???

    I mean, just how much abuse will these things take, and how long until the broken plastic edge on one cuts some 10 year old in the US, leading to a multi-million dollar lawsuit? Which will promptly have them pulled from retailers shelves, possibly even before Christmas?

    Think I will go buy a few hundred, and get ready to pop them on e-bay in 6 - 12 months at triple their price to the Star Wars fanatics, er, faithful...

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    huh ?

    this looks like it blocks the sensor at the tip of the remote ?!

  13. Bo Pedersen


    can we have more than one colour for head to head play so we get the whole good vs evil thing? like a red one?


    actually there was some article somewhere about modifying led lights with lasers from dvd writers and the like to enable them to burn things.........

    so if I lose, at the game I can just hack off my opponents limbs :)

    .... or maybe not.........

  14. Sampler

    For those picking fault

    The WiiMote is in upside down, so it's not blocking the tip (which isn't need as gyroscope movements are sent back via bluetooth) - the real problem is if the wiimote is upside down then won't all your movements be reversed?

  15. Sampler

    Ignore me, I'm talking shite

    But the nluetooth/gyroscope bit still stands

  16. Bruce Arnott

    Force Unleashed

    Was announced and demoed for the Wii a couple of weeks back...complete with Sabre Duels and ffrrrruuummmmfffrrruuuummmm noises from the Wiimote.

    Star Wars Lego no more....

  17. tim chubb


    could do exact same thing with an inflated glow in the dark condom and a wii controller

  18. Danny Thompson


    ..... You want kids to play with inflated glow in the dark condoms? And some wonder why this country is going to Hell in a handcart!

    FFS, pay the £15 and buy Junior the *king lightsabre!!

  19. Nicholas Wilson

    "...Sadly, the Light Sword doesn’t make a “Vvvvwwwwwvvvv”

    This has got to be designed for WiiSaber, an app most people download, play with for 30 seconds andthen forget.

    Danny Thompson why did you feel the need to comment on this you racist buffoon?

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