back to article eBayer punts Wii for £1m

They say hope springs eternal, and nowhere is this better currently demonstrated than down at eBay, where you can snap up a near-new Nintendo Wii for a mere one million quid Screengrab of eBay auction showing Wii for £1m Mind you, it is in "excellant [sic] condition" and you get three games thrown in for the "excellant [sic …


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  1. M Brown
    Thumb Up


    Nothing like setting your sites high then eh?

  2. Darren Burrows
    Paris Hilton


    According to the auction, it has DVD playback. By default this isn't a feature on the Wii, yet...

    So, has it been hacked or is the seller just being a numpty?

    Also, just to get it in, what does Paris Hilton have to say on the matter?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    @ M Brown

    or 'sights' for that matter... <rolls eyes>

  4. Nick L

    Oh look, he's given his phone number too!

    There's a phone number in the listing. Anyone phoned it yet?

    And congratulations for shoe-horning a Denise Richards reference in there. We need more of those, please. And pictures. Yes.

  5. Frederick Lagunawiczia


    Gotta love whoever came up with the name for that console.

    Beyond that the kids got balls, and decent spelling, I think old Bill should throw some money his way.

    He can tell melinda he just bought some wiiiiii for her.

    I'm off . . . .

  6. M Brown


    I know that. Thats what you get for not concentrating while you type. Ha.

  7. Gavin Hornsey


    I wouldn't like to service the PayPal fees on that one...

  8. Craig Peters

    I can see what you mean

    £10 postage is a rip off

  9. Danny Traynor

    Brand New

    I love the fact that it's "Brand New" yet has "8 months warrenty with it as i bought it July this year" and "has only been used a handfull of times."


  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    this is so tired

    in fact, it leaves me with a sense of "enn-wii".

  11. jason

    Demise Richards

    Denise Richards - Showing your age arent you, she hasn't been any mans fantasy woman for at least 10 years!

  12. Michael Baines

    Cheap git...

    ...he isn't even throwing in free postage!

  13. Andrew Bush

    Wendy Richards

    Even Wendy Richards was once eye-candy, maybe still even now for some...

    I thought the Way-aye was the first console from Newcastle.

  14. Chad H.

    Paging Dr Evil

    Dr Evil, your Wii is ready... One Million dollars.

  15. Chris Paulson

    He's abiviously taking the...


  16. Tony Smith

    Reduced Price!

    Its only half a mill now.

    I agree with Craig tho, postage still a rip off

  17. Pete

    Now you've gone and done it

    He's obviously read some of the comments and had enough of the piss taking. He's now dropped the price to a more reasonable £500.000.00 :/

  18. Spleen

    I don't get it

    It's still better value than the Kindle or the iPhone. Why the sneering?

  19. Terry Walker
    Dead Vulture

    Check again ...

    Looks like he's lowered his expectations ..... 500'000 now ...

    wow .. heh ... just wow

  20. DW

    Looks like there's a sale on.

    The price has since been slashed to a mere £500,000. What a bargain!

  21. Mark Broadhurst

    He has found the error of his ways...

    now at 50% off

  22. Philip Bath
    Thumb Up

    lowered price

    Hes Lowered the Price to a fantastic £500k



  23. Phantom Wibbler
    Paris Hilton

    Letting the side down

    Letting poor old Paris down aren't we by having a Denise Richards angle instead!!!

  24. Adrian Jackson

    Don't call that number...

    ...unless you've got any 'quires'.

    He doesn't specify whether he means it in the sense of 1/20 of a ream of paper, or an archaic variation of 'choir', so you're probably good with either (though just to be on the safe side you might want to give each chorister a couple of dozen sheets of A4...)

  25. Anonymous Coward
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    this price is so high as i've sold it outside of ebay so i dont want anyone to bid for it because i cant cancel it.

    Do not ring me!!!!!!!! <-- wonder how many calls he's had, dropped the price to a mere £1500 now

  26. Anonymous Coward

    Blooming Ridiculous

    Wanted to speak to him about it, been on ring back for hours but I suspect the phone is off the hook....

    Well annoyed as I was going to find out if he wanted to accept a higher offer.......

  27. Magilla

    Seems entirely reasonable...

    ...after all, he'd only need to sell three or four to afford the base model PS3...

  28. lokiprime

    Tredegar ...nuff Said

    Hes a lad from tredegar in the Heart of the Welsh Vallies...They are easily confused by this kind of stuff up there....You knows it Clart!!!

  29. Stephen May

    1500 pounds now...

    He's dropped the price to 1,500GBP now, and said that it's been sold outside of Ebay. He also says that he can't cancel the auction, so please don't bid and please don't call him!

  30. Anonymous Coward

    No shortage

    Well there are piles and piles of the things here in the shops in Vienna. 250 EUR a throw and, apart from the plug, identical to the uk model. Unfortunately I only have space to ship one back and its spoken for (at cost, more fool me!).

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