back to article Ten tips on agile software development

Think you're organization is ready to transition to an agile software development process? Wondering how to make the move without breaking anything? Not sure how to make the transition stick? Joshua Kerievsky is the man to see. Kerievsky has spent the past decade helping development organizations to "become" agile. He's the …


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  1. Steve McIntyre
    Thumb Down

    Write English!

    "Think you're organization is ready ..."


  2. Mike Stephens

    Agile - They Don't Get It

    I'm a great supporter of agile but it's essentially a reaction to people telling you how to do things with complex, prescriptive, structured methodologies. So why do people keep cynically spoiling the theme by trying to tell us what agile is and how we should go about it in detail??

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    In case you're interested,

    the iPlayer development team in the Future Media & Technology part of the BBC are using Agile Development.

  4. billy

    thank god for leadership!!!


    maybe I'll get a powerpoint presentation from a project manager to explain to me how to write some networking software?

    I can't wait.

    Does this explain why they outsource technical, experienced people for Indian school leavers?

    We should outsource these idiotic managers instead.

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