back to article Charlie Sheen in upside-down iPhone outrage

Handsome thesp Charlie Sheen has a certain amount of explaining to do after he was caught on camera suffering from a nasty case of "Jesus mobe inversion syndrome": Charlie Sheen seen holding the iPhone upside-down Sheen is the first major celeb to succumb to the condition - initially spotted in an episode of The Bionic Woman …


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  1. Simon Ball


    Need I remind you that "mobe" is verbotten by popular edict?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    Can we have this blonde photo accompany all future iCon-related articles, please? Blondiesexist as I may be, I like this, as I like the Eeeternal blonde...

    I do not choose Paris for my avatar - enough is enough.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    No, no, no!

    Please do not allow Mobe back into the register. It is an affront to all that can spell. The annoyance even stops me pointing and laughing at Charlie Sheen it is that intense.

  4. Graham Dawson Silver badge

    I thought it was brought back again.

    I recall some sort of bootnote along those lines. There was no Paris Hilton angle, though, so most people would have missed it.

  5. Ian Court

    I quite like the term

    "Mobe." A term not entirely dissimilar to the American "cell", but I'd have to say that "mobe" is most definitely less annoying.

  6. Kenny Millar

    While we're on the subject...

    Can we also ban any corespondent that uses any of the following :

    'ur' instead of 'your'

    You're instead of 'your'

    '2' instead of 'to' or 'too'

    'm8' instead of 'mate'

    '4' instead of 'four'

    or anything with an ALL CAPS TITLE.

  7. Kevin

    Upside down for a reason

    A previous discussion about the Bionic Women incident highlighted that the reason for holding it upside down is that if you hold it the right way up and put it to your ear, the screen turns off. Which means you'll have Charlie talking into a phone that appears to be "off". So you hold it upside down and the proximity censor near the earpiece is far enough from your chin that the screen stays on and it doesn't look like Mr Sheen is talking into a dead piece of plastic.

    Heads you lose, tails you lose

  8. Neil Greatorex

    mobe, cell, moby - Pah

    As the German language is now salted with thousands of English words, let's take one from them :-)


  9. Webster Phreaky
    Jobs Horns

    ANOTHER case of Apple PR Planting an Apple Product - FREEBEES!

    Apple PAYS these production companies to PLANT their products, it's NOT because they are good or popular (which they aren't).

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    "There was no Paris Hilton angle"

    I don't know, if you squint a bit, and suggest that Charlie has just offered your new "Paris" a slightly stale biscuit in exchange for a sloppy blowjob, then you have your own, home-made Paris Hilton angle.

    Hope that helps.

    Legal Note: All suggestions that Paris Hilton would offer sexual favours for something as valueless as a stale biscuit are entirely without substance and only suggested for the sake of humour, in the worst of tastes - always the best kind.

    After all...


    [Everyone knows you have to buy her dinner first]



  11. Crossbow

    You're instead of 'your'

    They can be misused, but both have a valid use....

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Re: You're instead of 'your'

    Your not wrong, some of you'se are alway's cocking up you're apostrophe's. I think were loosing our ability to youse the English language.

  13. Fozzy

    This story is about what?

    Sorry got distracted, didn't realise the story or the comments were about a phone. I was concentrating on the blonde and figuring out how low that low cut dress of hers went.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    heh heh

    Just when you thought it was safe...

    Webster Phreaky's assault on the English language continues! This is a mild case, though.

  15. Charles


    I noticed that upside down iPhone and I wondered how long it would take to appear on the web.

    BTW, that show "Two and a Half Men" is really good. The writer almost redeems himself for his prior crap "Dharma & Greg." No, I take it back, nothing can redeem someone for inflicting that show on the public.

  16. Steve Roper
    Dead Vulture

    Never mind mobe...

    ... WTF is "Thesp"?!? That's a vile and degrading perversion of the English language if ever I heard one. I demand the public execution of Lester Haines by hanging, drawing and quartering this instant, and that puerile abbreviation along with him! Say NO to Thesp!

  17. Anonymous Coward

    Re; Ian Court

    Ah, so that's what they're talking about. Whenever I heard a Merkin referring to his or her 'cell' I assumed they meant the neurone.

    (I am kidding, by the way; no outrage required. I have nothing against Americans. Which makes me a bit of an outlier these days it seems :) )

  18. This post has been deleted by its author

  19. Anonymous Coward

    Advertising iPhone

    I have to say this is a great way to draw attention to the show, the iPhone and the ex-playboy model falling out of her dress whilst bending over a Ferrari. I have watched episode and Jenny McCarthy is looking better than she did in '94.

    Did I get the punctuation right?

  20. Joe Harrison

    Pet names

    Re mobe, cell, handy and so on. There seem to be nearly as many slang words for these gadgets as there are for... well, NSFW so I won't.

    I propose "phone" by the way.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    For Once

    Webster has a valid point, instead of just ranting. Nearly all major films now have Apple product placement. From ibooks to ipods and now the iphone, Apple pay towards the production of the movie in exchange for product placement. Not that other companies don't also do this, but Apple try to get in on everything and not discreetly. They insist their product is shown as clearly as possible so it cannot be mistaken. I think the reasoning is if they can show enough of them in big films, people will start to believe they are more mainstream than they are and try and bring more people into the church. Like in Independence Day (ok, going back a bit but still a valid point) We can save the world by uploading a virus from my powerbook that is compatible with every computer system including alien technology and I just have to plug it in! Or the first couple of series of 24 - Good guys use Apple, bad guys use Windows/PC.

    Check this

    'Apple don't pay for product placement' Come off it, why would the major studios keep showing Apple stuff if they weren't getting anything for it?

  22. Alun Jones

    @Steve Roper

    Thesp is a term that is well-acknowledged within the theatre industry, however, it is usually synonymous with luvvie, which might render it inappropriate for use in an article concerning Charlie Sheen, especially Charlie Sheen associating with a lovely like that..

    God bless him.

  23. Dan
    Thumb Up


    the iphone is so flipping versatile it works any way up, down or sideways.

  24. Rob

    Breaking News Lester!

    I just heard that the People's Liberation Army for Lexicon Decency has just snatched Mobe from the street. Apparently Mobe was walking down a road local to where it lives, on it's way to the Dole Office, when a black transit pulled up and bundled it in.

    A number of witnesses said it happened so fast they didn't even have time to read the number plate. As yet there has been no word from the abductors.

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I can't believer ur going 2 ban me m8!

    4 What?

  26. Robert Long


    If by "lovely" you mean "injection-moulded plastic doll that's had her head caught in a vice at some point while suffering from 'hairline somewhere around top of head' syndrome", then fair enough. Personally, however, I prefer my sexual fantasies to resemble a human being rather more than that.

  27. Matthew

    @ Neil Greatorex

    I might have agreed except for an episode of QI where Stephen Fry, in a German accent, mentioned 'Das ist mein handy'.

    There does not seem to be a way to say this that doesn't sound like it's intended to be camp.

  28. Sweep


    Gets my vote. We should definitely borrow more words from those wacky Teutons. Or maybe not.

    I remember buying a guidebook in Austria for a trip to Bratislava. It informed us, in English, that "black passengers on public transport are dealt with harshly".

    At first I thought I could hear the sound of marching jackboots (the worlds most famous Austrian was famous for having the trains run on time after all), but then I realized that they'd just translated the Austrian term for someone riding the trains without a ticket directly into English.

    Don't think the term will really catch on here though.

  29. xjy

    kiss curl

    It's Charlie's kiss curl/Lil Abner hair that does it... What does it matter anyway - real stars have people to use the phone for them

  30. Matthew
    Paris Hilton


    Mussolini was famous for getting the trains to run on time.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    In the Netherlands we say GSM (even when using a much more sophisticated device), and we sms (I sms, you sms, we sms) which is about as dumb as 'to text' (i will 'short message service' you?)

  32. triky

    about placements

    show me a hollywood blockbuster or american series where there isnt any product placement... the last james bond film was the longest advert i ever saw...

    in the french speaking part of switzerland, we say Natel for mobile phone. and on the other side of the border they say Portable. i believe natel refers to the first brand of mobile phones introduced in this country... natel works for me thou :D

  33. Anonymous Coward

    FAO: Lester Haines - Your Coat Sir!

    Dear MR L Haines

    Regarding your recent piece on the incorrect use of a mobile telephone you used the phrase "Jesus mobe inversion syndrome"

    I would like to bring to your attention that the use of the term "mobe" even if used in a sarcastic or ironic sense is utterly unacceptable to the readership of this esteemed rag as evidenced by the edict relating usage of said pseudo-fashion-youth speak.

    Therefore it is incumbent upon me as duly appointed chair of the "Lynching Council of El Reg Intolerant Flamers" to advise that you are required to abide this ruling and in accordance with the El Reg commandments, get your coat sir.

    Standard Procedures are applicable and should you make it from the building and to the public house safely you will be required to atone for your crimes by buying a round supported by the copy checker who abetted you in your crime. Failure to make it to the public house in one piece will also be considered atonement.

    In accordance with Standard Procedures your local BOFH has been notified and use of the lifts and / or stairs is at your own risk as is remaining in the building. Best of Luck to you.

    Yours Sincerely

    A. Coward

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I blame Apple.

    This would never have happened if Apple hadn't forgotten to put the buttons on.

  35. Ted

    Apple does NOT pay for product placement.

    Apple does NOT pay for product placement, never has, never will. The reason you see so many Apple products in TV, Films, Concerts, Podcasts is that the creative community is mostly made up of Apple users.

    So they simply use the products already on the set. Every movie star, producer, writer worth his/her salt will have an iPhone, most all use Macs, iPods, etc.

    The idea that Apple "pays" for placement is just silly. Apple builds the top products in the industries they compete in, so it's obvious movie, tv, music production houses are going to use them.


  36. pctechxp

    Apple iPhone, a top product?

    I'd go for a sony ericsson phone anyday.

    1. The iphone is a rip-off, I know a couple of people who bought one in the UK and feel that they've been ripped off badly (£269 plus 10% of monthly spend)

    2. It doesn't support 3G (I have just bought an SE K800i on o2 and think the call quality alone is worth the upgrade) why didn't Apple wait and do a bit more R&D and release it with 3G)

    3. You are exchanging one greedy US billionaire (Gates) for another (Jobs) and this one is even more of a control freak, though a thermal management problem forced him to turn to the superior and largely open x86 architecture.

    I'd switch to Linux before I'd switch to Mac.

    But we digress

    As I've said elsewhere, people should choose products on what does the job best for them rather than banging on about whatever platform like it's their life's work.


  37. Ted

    General comments on Apple's iPhone

    1) 3G isn't yet ready for prime time since it KILLS battery life, that's why iPhones get 8-10 hours of talk time alone. The 3G chipset is the problem, not Apple's R&D. Nobody is going to be using the slower 3G speed when the iPhone has normal 802.11g anyway, so it's not a problem in day to day use.

    2) IBM is the one that couldn't build cool enough chips for Apple, not the other way around. So Apple gave them a Pink Slip and went ahead and started to use the slower Intel chips. PowerPC is still the better chip, we all know that, but IBM goofed.

    3) The iPhone is the most advanced cell phone on the planet, by FAR. It's easily the best value if you want a thin, fast, multi-touch phone, with a huge, extremely high resolution screen. No other phone is even close in functionality to the iPhone and won't be for several decades because of patents.

    Apple now controls the upper end of the Cell Market, and it's only a matter of time before they release the lower end models, just like they did with the iPod. Apple will own over 30% of the handset market within just 5 years. The iPhone is JUST THAT GOOD.


  38. tony trolle

    new phone

    I will wait for the nokoogle phone (or the gookia) lol

  39. Lee
    Thumb Up

    @FAO: Lester Haines - Your Coat Sir!

    A. Coward, You Are A God. I ROFL at your feet.

  40. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You mean I've been holding it upside down all this time?

    I am so embarrassed! No wonder I could barely hear the caller!

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