back to article Korean cyber junkies march off to bootcamp

Tired of its citizens dropping dead forehead to keyboard after marathon online sessions, the South Korean government has decided to follow China's lead with a tough-love approach, the New York Times noted this week. It recently opened a government-funded, Chinese-style juvenile boot camp, tailored to the special needs of the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Did I miss something?

    "Funny how much more of a blast war games are online, rather than outside in a cold rain."

    Very true, and it makes me wonder how such treatment will convince people to spend more time in the real world?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    They need toughening up.

    Obviously, they need the P.T. to toughen them up so they don't die next time they pull a 72 hour session.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    And the problem is where ?

    Any pursuit, hobby or interest has pitfalls, dangers and possible addiciton. Stops these kids running in gangs with real guns killing real people for real money with which to buy real drugs.

    I say get 'em all addicted and keep the streets safe from snot-nosed chavs blaring music out of mobile phones and tearing around on shitty mopeds, shellsuits tucked into their socks.

  4. Pin

    Quote from a participant

    I'm not thinking about games now, so maybe this will help. From now on, maybe I'll just spend five hours a day online.

  5. amanfromMars Silver badge

    InterNetional Rescue ..... Virgin Shoulders

    "Governments across Asia have naturally taken a dim view of these dens of adolescent overindulgence."

    The Failure is theirs in not providing Adult HyperVision with the Genre. A Fault Easily Fixed with ITs Addition [theirs to Control ITs Money Flow Mission.]

  6. Jaap Stoel

    Good question

    They should instead, force these people to go LARP-ing. Its outdoors, social and fun.

  7. Dimitrov


    "a lifestyle without the internet"

    As in - a lifestyle of heavy military training in case the commies from the North invade and you are too soft to stop them? How is turning these people in war-obsessed soldats going to help the South Korean's youth?

  8. Joe Stalin

    Reality Bites

    I had a run in many years ago with a guy who though himself the greatest Mortal Combat player of all time. He was very good infact blood good at the game, but it went to his head. Me, I was hopeless at it despite the fact I had a black belt in Karate. Needless to say he go uppity one day and tried his luck. Did hurt him to much, just bent back his pinkies as far as they would go and then a bit beyond that. Couldn't hold a joystick for weeks. I've seen the same with skateboarding, guys know all the move in the game but couldn't even stand upright on a board for 10 feet. Ok I can't afford flying lessons or running a plane so I have to do simming for that, but most other affordable activities I'll try do in real life. When there is that little bit of real risk it's far more fun.

  9. amanfromMars Silver badge

    @Reality Bites

    I agree, Joe Stalin. And that's a Reality Kiss Introducing Life in Love with both the Real and Virtual on a Dedicated Course Together in Tandem.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    @ amanfromMars

    No it wasn't Reality Kiss, it was By Jaap Stoel.

  11. triky

    that'll sort em

    stuff the boot camp... a good old fashioned rave in the woods, dancing until the police come, followed by a nice long morning recovery in a tree somewhere and then a 4 hour hitchiking trek back home would certainly toughen them up a bit...

  12. Daniel Kay


    heh, sounds like a propa good'un - I'm all for that! *grins*

  13. Jon Hewitt

    Seen it

    My wifes sister tried sending her son to that camp. He came to my house in Seoul afterwards to "relax" and see a psychiatrist. Funny thing is, first thing he did after his psych eval was hop online for a quick 5 hour gaming session.

  14. Gower

    same issue different century

    "Governments across Asia have naturally taken a dim view of these dens of adolescent overindulgence."

    I see similarities to an opium den, everyone goes there chils out someone occasionally OD's

    ten years time: America launches its WAR ON GAMING!!!

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