back to article Google opens Maps for editing

Google has brought the idea of user-generated content a step further with its plans to allow users to edit Google Maps to make it more accurate. The new functionality will allow those with a Google account to make changes to markers, which indicate business or residential listings on Google's local maps service, dragging them …


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  1. David Jones

    why stop there?

    why stop there? i can think of loads of place names that are spelt wrong or in the wrong place altogether up here in north wales. there are even some roads missing completely

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Silly Idea

    I wonder what would happen if we moved Parliament about 50 metres south then?

  3. Steve
    Thumb Down

    What about bigger mistakes?

    Will there be a way to adjust it so that it doesn't think every address in Sheffield is 'Norton, Sheffield'? I doubt it, it's been incorrect since the launch of the service now.

  4. Graham Dawson Silver badge

    @Silly Idea

    Well the Wets on the tory front bench would feel right at home with that.

  5. David Harper

    The power of Google

    I hope that the user-editable Google maps include a drag-and-drop facility. Then we can drag the British Isles closer to the equator during the winter months, and it won't be so dark and damp and dismal.

  6. Gavin Nottage
    Paris Hilton

    More stuff to add

    I'd appreciate being able to add in roads, for example, the one where I live (so that visitors could find us). Also details of the usability of roads, you know, like impassable for large vehicles; steep, single track with no passing places; potholed to resemble Bosnia/Iraq; Closed for resurfacing; floods easily;

    Paris angle: Could give her location like that machine on last weeks Mighty Boosh

  7. Francis Irving

    Why give the data to Google?

    It would make more sense to contribute it to OpenStreetMap (, so at least you get to own the data and use it how you like later.

    I'm astonished how well OpenStreetMap are doing, I thought it would never take off.

  8. Alex Wright

    Google not first shocker!

    There is already an editable map on the Internet.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    And how about showing the UK Perth rather than Australian! Problem is, it's not Google who is in control of a lot of the base data. But they are in a position to correct mistakes by their mapping suppliers.

  10. Simon Sparks

    Will user contributed data be copyrighted ?

    Or will it be free (as in speech) in the same way openstreetmap is?

  11. Rick S
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    Sensible Idea

    This feature is a sensible step and will improve the accuracy of searches for Google Local, especially in areas with 'large' postcode footprints (retail parks, rural areas etc).

    The adding of roads that aren't currently shown will come in, but it all depends on the type of data purchased by Google, just because it's there doesn't mean it will be purchased and displayed. Try ViaMichelin or similar ( for more detailed rural coverage.

    This repositioning of POI is going to be a blessing for anyone who regularly has to travel to out of the way places!

  12. Andrew Listochkin
    IT Angle


    We've got and lots of other sites.

  13. Graham Gold


    Let us edit street names they have gotten blatantly wrong! I know of several streets with incorrect names in google maps/google earth!

  14. Tim Barrass

    London village

    I love the way OSM describes London:

    "City London [nl:Londen] [fr:Londres] [fi:Lontoo] [la:Londinium] [cy:Llundain], about 31km south-east of St Albans"

  15. Steve B

    And Photos too

    I would love to be able to move the photo flags to the correct locations. Tis annoying researching a holiday spot to find that the "snaps" are wildly misplaced. Must annoy the locals as well.

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