back to article Kindle, Eee PC top 'most wanted' list

Asus' Eee PC miniature laptop is the's most-wanted notebook, the company chirped today. When we checked this morning, the 4GB Eee PC was there at the top of the list of "most wished for" notebooks, above Apple's MacBook (second place) and MacBook Pro (third place), and Nokia's N800 Internet Tablet (fourth) and N810 …


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  1. Dunstan Vavasour

    Christmas and Summer Holidays


    While your article covers how the Eee PC is such a wished for item, it is around this time that we start thinking not only of what we would like for Christmas, but also of next year's summer holiday. While exploring off-the-beaten-track locations has its appeals, there's nothing quite like lying on a beach to help unwind.

    Somehow a beach holiday and techie toys don't seem to resonate together very well, but you may somewhere in your pictures archive have something which will join these two improbable themes?

  2. Jonathan Richards


    This bird is getting more, umm, exposure than Andrew "Brillopad" Neil.

    Top job. Keep it up.

  3. Simon Cresswell

    The hand..

    There is something wrong with her hand..

    Methinks Frankenstin has been at work... and I need to get my priorities right.

  4. Rob


    "Somehow a beach holiday and techie toys don't seem to resonate together very well..."

    Judging by the pic they seemed to be doing well, a fine looking machine... (you know the rest)

    (No coat, it's hot on this beach)

  5. Hein Kruger

    call me a cynic...

    but i wonder how much Asus paid to get their little toy to the top of the list?

  6. Anonymous Coward


    Just curious, haven't done any research - "Nokia's N800 Internet Tablet and N810 Portable Internet Tablet". So is the N800 not portable then?

  7. Pedantic Twat

    Vampire PC?

    The young lady does indeed seem to have a problem with her hand, almost as though it had been grafted on at some point.

    Also, and this is not necessarily unrelated, I am also a little concerned that the PC appears to throw no shadow, much like the vampirical undead of legend.

    Could it be that Vlad the Impaler has been reborn with a Linux operating system?

    We must be told! To the castle!

  8. John


    It's just struck me (and possibly Simon above) - that image we've been seeing so much of is a Photoshop job. The Eee isn't really there. That poor lass.

  9. Simon Cresswell

    Never mind the poor lass John

    ..think of the poor Eee - not the view it was expecting!

  10. Barry

    Something wrong with her hand?

    Well, I've got 2 here.

    And, would gladly give her one.

    Putting coat on now, and leaving with my eee PC in the pocket of it.

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