back to article Nicole Richie warms to lamppost dog urinals

Nicole Richie is backing an invention which may protect America's lampposts from premature destruction by corrosive mutt piss - a "dog urinal" which channels the deadly liquid safely into the gutter. According to highly dubious reports in the US press, Richie is well impressed with Swedish inventor Lennart Jarlerbro's cunning …


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  1. Mr Brush

    They must be...

    ...taking the piss.

    Boom boom!

  2. Sampler

    Maybes she's looking to commision

    A handbag version - afterall isn't that the cool place for the vacous ninnies to keep their pooch these days?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    And also

    A useful place for a lady to use when caught short after an evening getting pished. No quickly diving to the nearest bushes for them!


  4. Dan

    @Mr Brush

    i bet you're pretty chuffed with that, eh?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    I see...

    I imagine it's not just dogs of the canine variety that would benefit from this invention...

  6. AndyC

    better idea...

    The lamp-post already has an electricity supply - simply deground the metal casing, supply a smaller 9v charge to it and quite literally - bang, no more dog pee...

    Or birds on top of them...

    And for the drunken idiots trying to climb them, well, it runs off of mains supplies, so can always turn it up...

    Think I'm onto a winner here...

  7. Justin Case
    Paris Hilton

    But Seriously

    Where is the Paris Hilton angle?

  8. John Macintyre
    Paris Hilton

    @ Justin Case

    Nicole Richie <-> Simple Life <-> Paris Hilton <-> Simpletons with dog bags

    and lets not link the blonde hotel lady with dogs now, she's a real human (some might say)

  9. Anonymous Coward

    @ Mr Brush


  10. Anonymous Coward


    They use ammonia to help keep latex adhesive liquid, yeah? And what does stale urine decay into? Oh yes! Ammonia. So they're going to last a good while these little rubber cups you're going to have at just the right height to catch chihuaha (cannot be *bothered* to look up the spelling for the stupid, pointles little rats) *or* Great Dane pee when they cock a leg?

    A Teflon sheath for the bottom three feet, perhaps but a "cup" made of rubber? The inventor would be off his swede if he lived in any other country.

  11. A J Stiles

    Easier solution

    If the authorities actually stumped up a bit of ratepayers' money and bought a can or two of paint once a year, they could protect their lamp posts for much longer. There's no shortage of young offenders doing Community Service.

    @AC, 3rd post: Ladies are fine just going in the street anyway. Haven't you ever heard of squatters' rights?

  12. mahoney

    Are we still living in the freakin dark-ages??


    It's 2007 for goodness sake. We should all have night-vision-infrared ocular implants by now. (not to mention robot butlers, hover-boots and personal rocket cars)

  13. Eileen Bach

    (Sp)arking up the wrong tree

    My cuncils cleverer than wot this wun woz cos they plantid trees on ther vergis wich the dogs prefur to snif.

  14. Andy S

    why not make money from it

    Just make a ridiculously high, on the spot, fine for anyone caught allowing their dog to pee against a lamp post. I assume the US has a similar policy for a dog crapping on the pavement without the owner cleaning it up.

    problem solved!

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Will this... the Wii shortage?

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