back to article EU fines videotape manufacturers for alleged cartel

The European Commission has fined videotape manufacturers Sony, Fuji and Maxell a total of €74.8m for alleged cartel activity in the videotape market. In a statement, the commission said the three companies, which have a combined share of 85 per cent of the professional videotape market, managed to "raise or otherwise control …


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  1. Alex

    What's with all this 'alleged' business?

    If they got fined by the Commision, surely this was because, in the eyes of the Commision, they engaged in cartel behaviour. Not because they were alleged to have engaged in cartel behaviour.

    IAKAL but during an ongoing investigation or court case wouldn't you throw in the word at every opportunity to prevent prejudice (not to mention arrest for contempt of court)? Since they've been fined, the investigation has concluded; couldn't you call them mad, scheming b*st*rds if you so wish?

    Makes it sound like you have reason to doubt the Commision's conclusion...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters


    what is this witchcraft you speak of?

  3. Tim

    How long...

    Before the same investigation into Blu-Ray cartels ;-)

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    I laugh..

    "This decision sends two warnings to companies engaging in cartel activities: first, the commission can prosecute cartels effectively... and second, obstructing a commission anti-trust investigation leads to severe penalties."

    OPEC anyone?

  5. Rob

    Sounds like...

    ... the EU was running short of cash and needed to make a quick euro.

    Does the broadcast industry care seeing as most production is now going tapeless (if it isn't already).

  6. b166er


    Yet another example of the fact that Sony are a bunch of conniving over-rated villains, beings as they were fingered as the main culprit.

    Why do people continue to buy Sony? Because they look nice?

    @Rob, I think it's great that the EU are sending a strong message that it's not OK to rip people off, perhaps they can address the record industry next. Would you teach your children that it is OK to lie through their teeth for a few bucks?

  7. Anonymous Coward


    "I Am Kicking A Lawyer"?

    I like the new abbreviation :)

  8. Joe


    Tape is still big, you know! And it certainly was back then. Should we turn a blind eye to this because tape isn't fashionable?

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