back to article Yes! It's the USB retro-style vacuum cleaner

If you usually eat lunch at your desk, you’ll probably have crumbs everywhere. So, if the missus/cleaner doesn’t quite live up to the job, then get de-crumbing yourself with a USB vacuum cleaner. USB_vacuum USB vacuum: get cleaning The tiny desktop unit - it measure 200 x 60 x 95mm - looks like one of those retro Hoover …


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  1. Michael Parker


    ...really sucks.

    Sorry. I'll get my coat.

  2. laird cummings


    No canister model?!


    Then how about a tiny French maid to operate it?

  3. Dave
    Paris Hilton

    A Little Sucker

    Paris? Is that you?

    I'll get my coat.

  4. Mark Sadler
    Paris Hilton

    is the vac Playstation 2 compatible?

    I notice Drinkstuff also sell a usb stealth switch which you can use to hide suspect windows on your desktop at work.


    "even comes with an adapter so you can use it with your PlayStation 2!"...

    as part of the pack you get a "• USB to PS2 Adapter". hmmmm !?!?

  5. andy rock
    Thumb Down

    if it's anything like...

    ... the Dell one my colleague was using the other day, it's total shite.

    a shame because i had such high hopes for the device.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    That has to be the perfect Xmas gift....

    .....for the "Hardware Widow".

    Ah, *that's* what the "Post Anonymously" checkbox is for.....

  7. H2Nick
    Paris Hilton

    It won't suck as well as Paris....

    ...given USB's 5V & max 0.5A it should be 2.5 Watts at most

    ie about 1/500 the power of an average dyson...

    USB details :

  8. Vaughan

    I'd go with laird cummings' french maid idea, but... mate wants a tiny, gyrating, usb powered Freddie Mercury in drag. Takes all sorts I suppose.

  9. Duncan
    Thumb Down

    Doesn't suck...

    This appeared on The Gadget Show a while back - in a conclusion that will come as a surprise to no one; it was deeply rubbish...

  10. Steve

    Old joke

    Anyone else remember the "nothing sucks like a VAX" adverts?

  11. Soruk


    ...for my Mikuru maid figurine ;)

  12. Highlander
    IT Angle

    Mark Sadler

    I haven't clicked the link yet, but is tha a quote from the site sellig these mini-vacs?

    Sad innit? I mean, when did PS/2 become the same as PS2?

    No seriously though, I feel old as the hills some times, but when these youngsters come along and don't know why a PS/2 port is a PS/2 port and not a PS2 port... oh dear. Can you imagine what would happen if they realized that the PS/1 also used PS/2 ports?

  13. Highlander

    Steve's VAX

    Whoa, wait a minute there dude. A VAX doesn't suck, well unless you install some crappy UNIX or Linux distro. VMS rocks....

  14. Highlander
    Thumb Up


    If you really want a maid small enough for that vac, may I suggest getting hold of 'Hand Maid May'.

  15. Steve


    Highlander. Couldn't agree more, even if I'm stuck with Unix these days. About 20 years ago in the UK a vacuum cleaner company started selling a vac called a VAX. "Nothing sucks like a VAX" was their slogan, and the DEC field service guys used to get really fed up going into customers' labs and seeing full-page newspaper adverts with big headlines, taped to the front door of the blue boxen. It was funny the first few times, but after 20... :)

  16. Adrian Jones

    @Highlander and Steve

    My VAX certainly sucks.

    With variable power.

    And it shampoos the carpets a treat.

    Perhaps you've got the wrong hose attachment on yours?

  17. Haku


    "It's Megamaid sir, she's gone from suck to blow!"

    Whilst the range of novelty USB gadgets ever increases, the overall average usefulness of them never does. What next Reg, reviews on USB lavalamps? USB plasma balls? USB ties? USB radio controlled cars? actually yeah do that one!

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    usb plasma balls? yeah, got one.

    usb plasma ball is one of the best thing i ever bought..

    But then i've got the Development Team, the Analyst team and the Testing team one each of the USB Missile launchers.. Makes walking round the office dangerous when someone finds a bug....

    Going round the section of "usb carp" in PC Wrold i seem to buy something every time. My mates keep muttering something about "more money than cents" but i dont understand it...

  19. Astarte


    ... now I wonder what would happen if you tipped the laptop so the screen was on the table - could you then use this to tidy up your desktop or any app that's become a bit old and dusty or does the junk picked up by the little beast get dumped via USB directly to the recycle bin?

  20. Rob

    @USB Plasma balls dude

    "Going round the section of "usb carp" in PC Wrold i seem to buy something every time. My mates keep muttering something about "more money than cents" but i dont understand it..."

    USB Carp - Genius. You could sit near your PC, fishing all day and everyone would think you were working.

    Unless it turned out to be a "Billy Bass" Fiasco.

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