back to article Personal data is not a bar to FOI disclosure

Documents containing personal data cannot be withheld under EU freedom of information laws if the disclosure of the data does not undermine the privacy of the persons named, according to a ruling by the European Court of First Instance. The case was started by an importer of German beer, the Bavarian Lager Company, more than …


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  1. Charlie

    Bloody nonsense

    The phrase 'flogging a dead horse' comes to mind. If you don't have enough evidence of impropriety in the entire minutes of the meeting sans the attendees, then you're really stretching things...

    As far as the privacy issue is concerned, it's a slightly worrying precedent but as a general principle meetings which are part of the legislative process should be as transparent as possible.

  2. John Stirling
    Dead Vulture


    Methinks you protest too much - perhaps you are a bit worried that you're going to get discovered as a naughty beer protectionist there Charlie?


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