back to article Who's the greenest x86 vendor of them all?

Despite unrelenting ado from every server vendor about their eco-friendly prowess in the data center, the reception of just who paints the most vivid shade of green remains unsubstantial. A recent survey of IT customers from the Gabriel Consulting Group attempted to shed some light on who is regarded as tops at addressing x86 …


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  1. Terry Barr
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    The only thing that matters

    when buying servers is reliability,

  2. Anonymous Coward

    DELL is the greenest vendor, by far

    This survey was conducted based on IT folks' opinions. Opinions are not facts. If we look at the facts:

    - who recycles more (including other vendors' equipment)

    - who has best performance per watt

    - who offers the broadest range of services around data centre optimization (power, cooling, floorspace)

    - who has densest USABLE X86 blades

    Dell is significantly ahead of IBM, HP and Sun.

    You may choose X86 vendors on other criteria, but from a green perspective, Dell is significantly ahead. The ecological charities and lobbying groups agree too - Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, etc. Although no company is 'green' per se, Dell is the furthest ahead on key measurement criteria.

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