back to article Orange and The Cloud hook up for Wi-Fi

Orange has done a deal with hotspot aggregator and operator The Cloud, which will make an extra 7,500 Wi-Fi hotspots available to is customers. The deal gives Orange the largest reach of Wi-Fi between the UK mobile phone operators (10,000 hotspots), though the world of Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly complicated as the deals …


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  1. gautam
    Dead Vulture

    Price ?

    Its all well and good. But at what price gouging level are they punting this? Knowing them, surely its not going to be all good news.

  2. Mike Fethers


    £30 a month, 3gig data through Orange, 250 minutes a month free through the cloud.


  3. Stephen Gray

    I used to support Cloud users

    The support line was £1 a minute when I was supporting Cloud users, thats should give you some idea :)

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