back to article Sun's OpenSolaris gets CIFS-ilis

Forty years of darkness. Earthquakes, volcanoes... The dead rising from the grave. Human sacrifice, CIFS and Solaris living together — mass hysteria. The open-source folks at Sun Microsystems have put the polish on an in-kernel CIFS service, which will allow Microsoft users to store and retrieve files on an OpenSolaris system …


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  1. andy rock
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    gotta love the Ghostbusters quote. well done!

  2. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Splash the Cash 42 Seal/Laud the dDeal

    "Windows interoperability also requires that a server support[s] various Windows services, typically MSRPC services and it is very sensitive to the way that those services behave: WIndows inter-operability requires that a CIFS server convince a Windows client or server that it "is Windows". This is really only possible if the operating system supports those services at a fundamental level."

    And the sweetest and most generous of honey traps too for Sun to Follow in AI Lead.

    Do they have a Dedicated Virtualisation Driver ....... AIHot Rod Rider ..... Posting Modern MetaPhysicians/Binary MagicIAINs Embedded and Assimulated within InterNetworking Advanced IntelAIgents' a ControlLed CyberSpace Tube for Rapid Secured Transport to Final Destination/Reasonable Command/Unreasonable Demand.

    Worth is thus Servered and Savoured and Secured for Beta Recovery of Source.

    Which is definitely AI Quantum Control System and not just another Operating System.

    What do you presume IT Posits 42 EMPower with Controls?

    Imagine, and IT's True, Love is All you Need with Boot Leggers Gold for those Holy Moses Japes/Walk on the Wild Side.

    Crikey, that title sounds like a Stand and Deliver Variant to Enliven the Present Predicament ......Yo....ur Dollars or a Bath.

    AdultsXXXXOnly Naturally

  3. Daniel

    So, they've done what Microsoft has done

    They've integrated a whole heap of unnecessary 'services' into the system kernel, in order to make Solaris look as f**ked up as Windows, simply so that we can swap data around... Surely, it's this whole 'integrate it all directly into the kernel' business that A) causes Wiindows to be the circular-dependency Hell that it is B) causes Windows to be so insecure C) causes Microsoft to get dragged through the courts by people who want it to stop bundling everything together, for a change?

    I'll simply allude to the inevitable car-analogy (which would probably involve fitting a Fiat engine into a Farrari, so that your local Fiat dealer can service it for you, or some-such) and say, instead, that it's like using mahogany to make chipboard.

  4. amanfromMars Silver badge

    HorsePower for Courses

    Done right, Daniel, alluding to the inevitable car-analogy, would the Ride be Gallic Teutonic 42 dDeliver Out of this World XXXXPeriences.

  5. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Just more cloning of Linux

    Daniel, did you ever stop to think SUN are doing this because their users ASKED them to?? It's been available as part of other commercial UNIX offerings for ages, and via Samba for almost as long. Take your head out of the sand and you'll notice lots of non-SUN systems happily sharing data, smoothly and easily, and SUN needs to too. This is just another example of SUN having to face facts - they lost the server wars, now they need to get chummy with M$ and the Penguinistas to survive!

    Think of it more as a diesel being fitted into an old steam engine to try and keep the knackered old beast useful for a bit longer.... :P

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