back to article Nintendo takes shine to golden DS Lite

Nintendo has unveiled a pair of DS Lite bundle packs, just in time for the Christmas rush. No doubt Nintendo’s aiming each bundle pack at some specific gamer groups, given the choice of either a golden handheld or a more feminine metallic pink version. Nintendo DS The pink one? The gold-coloured console comes with a copy …


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  1. Andy

    less DS....

    and more Wii's is what the UK needs!!!

  2. Graham McDermott

    As usual for Nintendo

    When I was in Tokyo early this year they had much more variety of colour than we get here in the UK, or in the US. I saw Metallic Pink, Gold, Silver, Metallic Blue, and Dark Blue. Those are the ones I can remember. Much like the goodies on Club Nintendo we don't seem to get such niceties...

    On a side note, the DS is not that much cheaper in Japan than it is in the UK, unlike the Wii. Couldn't be anything to do with the fact that the games aren't region encoded so grey imports are a lot more viable, could it?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    girly and wanting zelda

    Just because I am a girl, doesnt mean that I want to play games aimed for a child. I fancy the pink DS, but with Zelda

    Why can't they give me the choice about which free game to get

  4. W


    Black Wii to match my black DS please.

  5. fluffy

    re: girly

    Then it wouldn't be much of a bundle, would it?

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