back to article Trojan spreads using PI wiretapping scare

Miscreants are trying to convince email users that their telephone conversations are being recorded in a ruse designed to scare prospective marks into buying bogus security software. Emails promoting the campaign are laced with a new Trojan horse malware. The Dorf-AH Trojan horse appears as an attachment in emails claiming …


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  1. AutumnForester

    Magic beans

    Tempting to run a similar scheme myself. Magic Beans that import hidden money for Nigeria, improve your sex life and make your PC run faster. But I will probably wait until they are out of Beta.

  2. horrors of tesco

    Re: Magic beans

    I would like to purchase some of these fantastic beans.

    Here is a cheque, write any number you like in the amount and I will sign it

  3. Madge Silver badge


    I got this last week and thought it was a new twist on the Social Engineering.

    Trusting my own scepticism more than any AV product, I wouldn't have opened this even if I had a real phone line (which are easier to tap than VOIP. 3rd party VOIP is of course easier to eavesdrop than VOIP on DOCSIS or LLU from your own ISP).

    I imagine this one will do well.

  4. Chris Harper


    The best business plan ever made sounds like this "People are really stupid, now how can we use that to get them to pay us exorbitant amounts of money?" If they open it, they deserve what they get.

  5. Morely Dotes

    Czech or Bulgarian

    Judging from the subtly incorrect English in the spam, the writer's probably from Sofia.

    In any case, if I thought someone were really listening in on my phone conversations, they'd be treated to my original composition, "Solo Adagio for Police Whistle and Foghorn."

  6. The Sceptic

    Internet Police!!!!

    Any of the authorities doing anything about this?

  7. Dave Aronson

    People are so stupid... (How stupid are they?)

    Fix a picture in your mind of just how gobsmackingly stupid the average person is. Got that? Now realize that, almost by definition of average(*), about half of all people are even stupider than that!

    (*) Yes, for the math geeks, that would be the "median" person, not the "average" person. See Figure 1.

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