back to article Frenchman spit-roasts 550kg camel

A French chef hopes to claim the "world's largest barbecue" title after expending 15 hours, three tons of wood, and 15 litres of cooking oil to spit-roast a 550kg camel. Christian Falco, 63, from Perpignan, cooked up the cameline feast at a seaside town south of Rabat. He said he was "recreating a centuries-old tradition begun …


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  1. Bruce

    No. 237

    in a series of headlines you always knew you would one day read...

  2. Paul R


    ...spit roast as in cook over an open fire, with you now! ;)


  3. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Paris Hilton next?

    No mention of spit-roasting the relatively meat-free Ms. Paris? Is it since the introduction of the commenting system that ElReg no longer feels a need push things deeper?

    Coat. Check.

  4. Steven
    IT Angle


    I was expecting some p0rn related story to unfurl there.

    Mr Haines I would like to register my disgust and demand a refund on my license fee....errr...

    IT angle etc etc?


  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    The Times Has Pics


    Although it seems no footballers were involved.

  6. Frank Bough
    Paris Hilton

    Spit Roasting Paris?'s been done. More than once, by all accounts.

  7. arran


    "Roast me Amadeus" comment here.

  8. Marvin the Martian

    15L of cooking oil? Whatfor?

    In my experience of spitroasting --- small pigs, sheep and whatnot --- a lot of things have been used (garlic, salt, herbs, Duvel), but oil? How and why --- so it can drip in the fire, spatter around and burn you, or just ruin your food?

    Ils sont fous les occitains.

  9. Bez
    Gates Halo

    I wonder

    If, as per a standard barbecue, the camel wasn't properly cooked and gave the diners a dose of the two-bob-bits, causing them to note that they could 'shit through the eye of a needle,' would a billionaire thus finally be confident of chancing his way through the pearly gates?

    Finally I've found a use for one of your stupid icons.

  10. Mountford D

    Matter of taste

    I hope the camel died from natural causes and wasn't slaughtered for this purpose as it is clearly a record-breaking stunt. From a culinary point of view, I can think of loads of other better meat to spit roast. I wonder if Christian Falco and his BBQ guests at Rabat have ever tasted camel meat?

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    15L of cooking oil: what for.

    The marinade. Camel-meat is by all accounts pretty tough old stuff: you wouldn't want it without a bit of tenderising, and if you aren't planning to casserole it on a slow heat for a long time, a marinade helps instead.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    I'm surprised

    the animal rights folks didn't get the hump about this!

    Parrrupphh CHISSSSSSSSSSH!

    I'm here all week, or until outer wear is retrieved from the cloakroom.

  13. Craig Peters

    You know...

    I tried to get a girl to spitroast a camel for me, but every time I asked she gave me the hump.

  14. skeptical i

    Ahhh, Thanksgiving.

    Here in Amurka, anyway. Picture the Norman Rockwell- style Anglo family crowded around Gramma's table while Grampa proudly carves the roast beast, the kids fight for the drumsticks, and family members form teams for the tug- of- war- style cracking of the wishbone (do camels even have wishbones?). That beast is gonna need a LOT of gravy and cranberry sauce.

  15. yeah, right.

    record? Really?

    Or just the first one that applied to Guinness book? Because I'm pretty sure multiple camels have been barbequed in North Africa over the years without all the self-aggrandizing foofaraa.

  16. Alistair
    Paris Hilton

    Paris Hilton angle

    But does the noted heiress have a camels toe?

    This article is worth nothing without pictures.

  17. Anonymous Coward

    @ Alistair

    No, for that she'd have to be wearing something under there.

  18. Ross Atkins

    @Mountford D

    I've tried camel as sausages, steaks and chops and found that it's actually pretty tasty. If you cook it rare it isn't tough, and tastes very similar to beef. Not a patch on ostrich meat though - now there's some good eating.

  19. Lee

    @ Ross Atkins

    kangaroo steak is fantastic, as is Emu. .AU is the only country to eat the animals on the coat of arms. ;-)

  20. Matthew Mell

    @ Lee

    could be interesting to try lion and unicorn don't you think

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