back to article Nano cancer-bombs and mini organs from MIT

Scientists at MIT have developed remote-controlled nano particles that, with the push of a button, can deliver drugs directly to a tumour. The same research director has also found a way to build tiny human "livers" just 500 micrometres across. This work should lead to more reliable toxicity testing for new drugs. According to …


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  1. Chris Purcell


    Is superparamagnetism exothermadocious?

  2. Vernon Lloyd


    Can you take it with a Spoonfull of Sugar

  3. Brutus


    ... even though the sound of it is simply quite atrocious!

    Um-diddle um-diddle um-diddle -ay !

    Excellent sir, Bravo!

  4. Graham Marsden


    Here's the coat you forgot to pick up...! ;-)

This topic is closed for new posts.