back to article IBM challenges HP to virtual I/O blade duel

IBM is releasing an I/O virtualization tool for its BladeCenters to compete against HP's Virtual Connect technology. IBM's Open Fabric Manager, which is set to ship mid-December, helps tame the albatross of moving workloads across blade servers by abstracting the interaction of virtual and physical servers with storage boxes. …


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  1. Jack Pastor

    What Proprietary Switch ??

    Uhhh .. Excuse me ?? Virtual Connect is NOT a switch. HP is correct that is will connect to any NPIV compatible SAN switch (which is ALL the major players.) VC is a PASSIVE device and neither adds to not subtracts from protocols (in either Ethernet or Fibre Channel flavors.

    Also, the whole POINT of these "Virtual I/O" devices from both IBM and HP is to eliminate 1-1 wiring (which can only be done with Blades because they talk across a Midplane.)

    Granted, IBM and HP (and everyone else) have proprietary blade chassis designs, but these essentially lock out upstart "Virtual I/O" vendors who MIGHT have a pretty good story in the rack mount space.

    They both have pretty good stories (I can't wait to see what Dell says.) HP has been out in th real world longer, so IBM will have to play catch up (and considering the market share drubbing they've gotten from HP, it had BETTER be more than a "me-too" product.

  2. Adrian Clint

    Open Fabric Manager Advanced & FUD

    So IBM dont be coy. Exactly how much will this be and is it automatic or manual?

    As per usual. IBM are spreading FUD by mentioning propriety items and new features that are unpriced and not accurately specified.

    How does this compare against Brocade Access Gateway as well?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Matt Bryant, come on down.

    Matt, where are you? Quick, now is your chance to shine!

    Come on HP fanboy, tell us how good the kit is these days, I'm all ears...


This topic is closed for new posts.

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