back to article Bumblebee boogie analysis in webserver boost

Researchers in Georgia, USA, reckon they can increase the efficiency of web servers by mimicking the methods used by honey bees to collect nectar. It seems that the new hive-mind technology was the brainchild of Professor Craig Tovey of the Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT). “I studied bees for years, waiting for the …


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  1. Chris Leeson

    Surely this should be...

    "Tovey's years of apid bee-watching"?

  2. Richard

    Biomimetics in action

    Surely the weasel experts write project management software..?

  3. Paul

    Re:Biomimetics in action

    and the Fruit Bat ones write managment self help guides.

  4. Ben

    Bee Jizz

    “I studied bees for years, waiting for the right application,” Tovey said

    Meanwhile the bees have developed their own "killer app" ( groan ) , its

    called honey , very good , on a little bit of toast . Quite a popular distribution

    it seems .

  5. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    There's better

    Bees do indeed have a quite efficient resource-harvesting method, but Aliens do a better job. Not only do they relentlessly pursue and capture all "resources" in their vicinity, but they go one step further by dragging their captives back to the hive and transforming them into more Aliens !

    Not sure what killer app we could devise from that example, but I'm sure we could kill something with it.

  6. S. Kimmel

    I can't Believe.....

    I can't believe I clicked on this title.....

This topic is closed for new posts.

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