back to article AMD preps DirectX 10.1 'Radeon HD 3600' GPU pair

AMD is expected to launch the successor to its ATI Radeon HD 2600 in January, and now the two new parts' speed details have emerged. Graphics card maker sources cited by DigiTimes point two versions of the 'RV635' GPU one an XT model, the other a Pro. The former will be clocked at 800MHz, the latter at 600MHz. The chips …


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  1. Adam

    Why Bother

    Why bother with the 2400 refresh? Seriously. Kill the extra chip, and produce more 3600 series. It seems the way AMD is moving, it would be best to throw the gauntlet down on this lowest discrete market. Simply drop the lowest 3600 down to this price level, and soundly smack around the 8500-esque chips. It seems like awaste of resources to refresh that lowly beast when the most you're going to get for such a card is what 50-60 USD? With the 38xx series so cheap, why not slam the gauntlet down on all that lovely 8500/8400/ whatever stock that floats around in reseller land.

    Just my .02 cents.

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