back to article 911 phone phreakers face jail

An Ohio man faces an extended spell behind bars after pleading guilty to making emergency calls using spoofed caller ID numbers as part of a prank designed to make sure his victims were raided by SWAT teams. Stuart Rosoff (AKA Michael Knight) of Cleveland, Ohio was part of a gang of "swatters" that used social engineering …


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  1. lansalot
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    "misguided pranks" ?

    That's pretty generous, don't you think ?

  2. Eugene Goodrich

    Where's the Why?

    What was the motivation? Elliot Carver taught millions of us unwashed readers that the most important part of a news story is "why". Thanks to Jonathan Pryce's on-screen rendition I'm here to say you need to add a bit to this story. Either what's missing, or an excuse. Or you could add a bunch of speculation. ("Did their adolescent brains get altered by a lack of sleep and a surfeit of Red Bull?" etc..)

  3. Marc Savage
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    ? Misguided ?

    Dont you mean viscous and nasty. People could hae been killed.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Apt punishment?

    Should set them up to pop up in Hogan's alley, take part in training SWAT teams. The risk of an "accident" happening to them (especially if we tip the SWAT trainees off to their identity) is a risk I'd be willing to take.

  5. kain preacher

    police trainees

    hmm I like that idea. Let the coppers test out proper usage of tasers on him

  6. steve lampros

    re: Where's the Why?

    Don't be silly. the only why needed: because they can.

    In my youth, we tried several crazy stunts . . . designed to do nothing but 'can we do it'

    - Blue Argon laser: will it blow up a gas can? you betcha

    - Fake rope across a residential street, how many cars can we stop? LOL way too many.

    - Can you make a mushroom cloud from bangsite? oh yeah!

    ahh the endless fun . . . . but of course messing with the cops was LAST on our list . . .for obvious reasons.

    Sorry detective Chuck Major. LOL

This topic is closed for new posts.

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