back to article Beer-drinking ladyboy fish can live out of water

Scientists deep in the jungles of Central America have discovered a type of fish which can live happily for months out of water, in a development with enormous consequences for the English language. Reuters reports that groups of Rivulus marmoratus, "a type of small tropical killifish" can live for long periods without water …


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  1. Colin Millar

    ...or even...

    A fish needs a a man needs a bicycle?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    LadyBoy <> Hermaphrodite

    Or to be more precise......

    Transvestite Thai Prostitute / Drag Queen Dancer / and or possibly just a Gay Man is not equal to a Person with genetic or sexual organ abnormalities i.e InterSexed.

    See Wiki

    Terms are important....especially derrogitary labeling terms when referring to "oh so funny" stories. Nice to see the I.T angle on this one...a bored Friday afternoon at the Office......!

  3. Pedantic Twat

    Comment? No need to comment..... should just get your coats. Well, I suppose it is Friday....

  4. Nick


    ...we still need to know, "Does the bear shit in the vatican?"

    Vestments, please.

  5. Tony Green

    Hot news?

    Blimey fellas! You must be a bit short of news to be publishing this old story. It was published in New Scientist early last month and made it into Practical Fishkeeping not long after that.

    I'm sure you can be more up-to-date than this.

  6. Chris G

    Something for the weekend?

    "You're like a fish out of water hanging around here. Here's a beer, now go and f**k yourself!

  7. Kane

    @ LadyBoy <> Hermaphrodite


    Have at you, you braggard!


    As per Rule 2....

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