back to article PS3 overtakes Wii in Japan

Sony's PlayStation 3 outsold Nintendo's Wii in Japan last week, figures from local market watcher Media Create show. Some 55,924 PS3s were purchased in the week ending 11 November, compared to 34,456 Wiis and just 5817 Xbox 360s. Clearly, the Halo 3 effect and Microsoft's price cut have done their work. That's a marked change …


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  1. Andy Tunnah

    supply/demand ?

    could this have anything to do with the fact that there aren't enough wiis on the market to be bought ? as can be seen in the news recently there's been a massive shortage of em so maybe japan has a shortage too, therefore not enough to sell to beat the other consoles =)

  2. Geoff Spick

    They've finally learnt...

    That a console is only worth buying a year after it launches.

  3. Tom Majerski


    "overtakes" that makes it sound like there are more ps3's sold than wii's. They have a spike in their sales this month but thats it. They are far from Overtaking nintendo or microsoft in sales

  4. david

    Shortage for Wii is myth

    Friends (from Canada, German, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan) said they have no trouble getting a Wii in store. Not sure why reported shortage in UK and USA. Nintendo's old marketing trick since NES? (I remember Nintendo suddenly found a few million units just before X'mas.)

  5. buggane


    Yup, I agree: what is this Wii shortage myth. There's absolutely tons of the things here in Luxembourg.

  6. Apple Fanboi
    Black Helicopters

    Clamp-down on shipping in from Europe?

    Strangely, a lot of the places on mainland Europe who were shipping to a UK address have now stopped, even though they have plenty stock.

    Funny how it happened shortly after it became public knowledge that there were aplenty to be had on mainland Europe.

    I don't normally go for conspiracies, but it looks like there is a concerted effort to keep Wiis in short supply in the UK.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Is shipping clamp-down legal?

    With all the EU laws on trading accross Europe, is it even legal to refuse to ship to the UK from another EU member state? From the 12th December this year, an act governing EU wide consumer rights comes into effect Included is this:

    (2) In accordance with Article 14(2) of the Treaty, the internal market comprises an area without internal frontiers in which the free movement of goods and services and freedom of establishment are ensured. The development of fair commercial practices within the area without internal frontiers is vital for the promotion of the development of cross-border activities.

    Surely 'free movement of goods' means that suppliers have to offer to ship goods to any EU member country? It will be interesting to see what happens come the deadline. Perhaps EU countries are hoarding Wiis at the moment, because they know that come the 12th of December they won't be able to. A shortage of Wiis in the UK could lead to a shortage of Wiis Europe wide!

    Also, it is worth noting that the EU now requires that a product bought in one EU state must be repaired in the EU country of the purchaser if the same product is available in that country also.

    In other words, if you buy a Wii in Germany and have it shipped to the UK, then Nintendo have to offer to have it repaired in the UK if it breaks.

  8. Shane McCarrick

    Problems shipping from the continent

    I'm not sure that the reported problems shipping from the continent are anything to do with Nintendo. If you have a browse around a lot of multinational sites- including the likes of Promod (womens cloths) you'll see that blocks have been put on shipping a wide range of goods from France/Netherlands (haven't checked elsewhere), over the last 10 days or so, to Ireland and the UK. Shipping companies like TNT are also quoting vastly increased delivery times. Conspiracy theorists bedamned, its more probably something to do with all the strikes in France, Germany, Italy etc- than Nintendo strong arming its local distributors......

    Ps- No shortage of Wii's here in Dublin either........

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Wii is still the winner

    still playing on my Wii more than any of the other consoles - last month Super Paper Mario took my evenings - and now its been joined this weekend by Super Mario Galaxy - a very very good game.

    the PS3 is still awaiting some fresh new titles - I expect next february will be interesting

    the XBOX 360 has a constant stream of good games (though most are PC games) - but its a mature platform in the 'next gen' arena. PGR4 and Bioshock being prime gaming moments so far this half of the year.

  10. Andy Worth

    Wii "shortage"

    The whole thing smacks of a cheap marketing stunt. By faking a shortage, they make their console look more desirable, at least in theory. In my case the inability to get hold of one when I had the money led to me buying a PS3 instead. Either that or Nintendo just have one of the worst logistics records in the world.

  11. luas_dublin
    Thumb Down

    @Shane McCarrick

    "Ps- No shortage of Wii's here in Dublin either........"



    As far as I'm aware theres a MASSIVE shortage here.

    (A quick squint at (irish gaming site)'s nintendo section shows a rake of ",,I cant find a wii anywhere posts ")

    No games shop in Dublin/Cork seems to have the damn things, and I know at least 4 people who just cant get hold of one and are having to fall back at paying well over the odds buying one online from the likes of komplett??

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