back to article Google will definitely bid for US wireless spectrum

Google is "gearing up to make a serious run at buying" a prime portion of the US wireless spectrum. And it's prepared to bid with nothing but its own money. At least, that's the word from this morning's Wall Street Journal. The soon-to-be Murdoch-ized paper also said that Google is testing an "advanced wireless network" at its …


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  1. Solomon Grundy
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    Not Great, but at Least Better

    yeah, so Google isn't exactly who I'd pick to manage a mobile network, but hey, they're certainly going to be better (i.e. cheaper) than the big telcos. So what if I am inundated with ads - I'm confident that someone will come along with apps for phones that block the ads, just like AdBlock does for me when I visit El Reg :) If no one can manage that I'll just ignore the ads and hopefully cut down on my $400 monthly mobile bill.

  2. Phillistine
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    More profound than you think

    The chief executive of AT&T has been forever whining about how Google and others need to pay AT&T to take their traffic down to consumers despite the hefty sums the consumers and small business pay for what is internet service of the last century (remember, the services haven't really changed in almost a decade).

    On top of that, telcos have been allowed to tax consumers with surcharges that amount to a couple hundred billion dollars (yes, billion, with nine zeroes) that they promised they will use to provide 100mbps internet to the consumers. Remember the monies have essentially been pocketed. (For details, visit the following.

    Google, through this move, could essentially create a very high speed wireless internet and completely bypass the telcos and cable monopolies (or rather collusive duopolies).

    Imagine getting 100 mbps SYMMETRIC internet wirelessly.

    Imagine now small content creators, budding filmmakers, musicians, bloggers, commentators being able to communicate using audio and video and reaching the consumers directly.

    Imagine the shattering sound of breaking barriers to entry by creators all over the world.

    Imagine political debate and dialog completely unfettered by the broadcast and cable behemoths.

    All the copyright cartel thinks about is piracy, however, the fear they don't talk about is the ability of the future creators to bypass them and reach their consumers directly.

    Same is true for all the political spin meisters and news blockers (AKA news channels, newspapers etc.)

    I could be fantasizing, but, if not Google, do you think that day is far,inevitable or impossible ?

  3. Simon Rockman

    Great another standard

    America is the land of 850/1900 GSM

    1900 UMTS



    various flavo(u)rs of analog(ue)

    It's not economic to build low cost hardware for a fraction of a small market.

    It might produce a technically interesting solution but don't expect price comparrison with something that is a world standard.


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