back to article UK tightens borders with single agency and screening system

A single agency and a multi-billion pound passenger screening system will strengthen the UK's entry points, according to the Home Office. The Home Office has announced that a new UK Border Agency will unite immigration, customs and visa checks, backed by a £1.2bn passenger screening programme. The screening system programme …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    What happened to free movement within the EU?

    Why were measures like these not necessary during all those years of the IRA bombing the mainland?

    Hey, let's copy everything the Americans do! Again.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    7/7 Terrorists lived in Leeds not Lille

    Pre departure checks should be banned in Europe

    The problem is the false positives, it's very common for the UK airlines to refuse entitled citizens passage to the UK based on false positive matches. Now they want pre-entry customs checks too. As long as they can pre-check and pre-refuse entry , then you will refuse entry to a lot of false positives without a judicial process.

    We've seen the problems that occur in the USA with the Dept Homeland Security watch lists, and it shouldn't be repeated in Europe.

    As the UK increases it's 'fortress UK' initiative, they'll only increase the barrier between the UK and Europe, which is counter to the duty under article 3c of the Treaty of Rome.

    My view on this is UK is out of step with Europe and it's just too far out on a limb to reconcile now. Just as the USA is telling Europe that the visa waiver program is dead and each person must be individually checked days in advance, so the UK is telling Europe that Free Movement of people is dead, and individuals need to seek pre permission to travel to the UK.

    Terrorism is just an excuse, 7/7 terrorists lived in Leeds not Lille.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Fucking horseshit

    "The high number of arrests linked to Semaphore alerts demonstrates a visible measure of success. In addition, significant contributions have been made in support of investigations and the protection of the vulnerable."

    How many convictions, shitlips? How many false imprisonments? You don't tell us so there must be a really crap ratio. That's how Government abuse of statistics works. Not that you should be having anything to do with Government, being a Police Officer.

  4. Lee

    U.K Government as Extreme as any Terrorist

    I can not help but think that the U.K is ever more sliding into extremism. Not just affected by Islam fanaticism, but effected by it or just an excuse despite it, the U.K government is forcing Anti-Terrorist extremism onto the whole public.

    I do not doubt that Islam fanatacists exist (as do other types of fanatic). I do not doubt that many of those fanatics wish to see the end of western science, society and democracy. I do not doubt that we need to change their views, box them in or fight them to save our civilization. But I do doubt that our government needs to enforce Big Brother to keep us all in check.

    I hope for a brighter future here in the U.K and the rest of democratic civilization. A future not dogmatised by any religious, philosophical or ideological extremism in government and society; a future where liberty to freely speak and freely act without fear of persecution and intimidation from any extremist or member of the political correctness brigade. Perhaps we should all try to remember the maxim "One man's freedom ends where another man's begins." Change "where another man's begins" to "where it begins to encroach another man's..." and perhaps it will be more livable but the sentiment remains the same, namely: try not to take away another's freedom. Obviously, the maxim is not always feasible. Sometimes another's freedom has to be encroached to defend one's own. With this in mind, I understand that our government has to use its resources to defend us from non-democratic Islamic fanaticists. I also understand that we, the public, have a duty to help our government defend us. But it seems that our government's freedom to create law and fear is encroaching on our (the citizens') freedom to live without fear of the extremism and intimidation of the government's anti-terrorism laws as well as those behaviors of other extremists. It's time the government began to work with the people not against the people. And it's time the people were given the opportunity to work with the government without having our lives closely inspected and recorded with the results being used to intimidate us into obedience.

    Perhaps we should establish what we are trying to defend before we try to defend it. Because, at the moment (and I doubt I'm alone), I can see ever more of our boundaries and fewer of our freedoms allowing us to surpass them. We should remember that we are a nation of human beings, that human beings have rights and that one of those rights is the right to live not as slaves and sub-ordinates to others but as equals with equal freedom to live freely according to our abilities and to maximize our capabilities without forcing suffering onto others. I know we give-up and willingly compromise some rights when we live within a protective, nurturing society but we should not allow ourselves to be forced to surrender additional rights without first being asked.

  5. Mike Richards

    Security checks at stations

    Now this could be fun - let's assume its the bags open, coats off, shoes off, everythig but the Marygold glove of freedom treatment you get at airports these days.

    How precisely is that going to be done in the 5 minutes between a train being announced and the doors closed? Or are we going to have to have 2 hour check-in times for the 09.20 to Droitwich?

    The milling crowds at all major stations will always be a target, just as people waiting for check-in are soft targets.

    This is nothing more than good old-fashioned Home Office fearmongering ahead of Jacqui Smith's first lock-em-up-an'-throw-away-the-key internment bill.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Would you leave your house unlocked?

    I agree with all the anti-control comments to a certain extent but aren't these precautions a reaction to a different sort of terrorist?

    The IRA atrocities were at least carried out in the name of a tangible political cause by alcohol-fuelled people who could not think any further on the consequences of their actions but they could at least be reasoned with when they sobered up.

    The Muslim extremists are different in that they leave the judgement to God (or Allah) and are in the belief that there is a seamless transition between life and death. They are not killing for any causes other than ridding the world of anybody who do not share their extreme beliefs.

    Frankly, I enjoy my life and want to live as long as I can in this world. If I have to live in a fortress for a while with everything I need, that's fine by me. But only as long as the gatekeepers do their job in keeping the undesirables out and do not turn on the people they are supposed to be protecting.

    As for whether we follow the Americans all the time... Do we? Or have these ideas actually originate from us?? Bear in mind we have been a global power long before the Americans and indeed, bequeathed our legacy to the Americans and we have operated an extremely covert counter-insurgence policy since we started beating up the Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese... just about anybody in the world really (including the Americans)!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Did you see 28 weeks later?

    "They are not killing for any causes other than ridding the world of anybody who do not share their extreme beliefs."

    Exactly! At last someone tells it like it is! Did you see '28 weeks later'? Where the zombies just want to eat non zombies? It's exactly the same.

    All muslims want to eat our brains!

    They surf the web, read a Jihadist website, catch the virus, then it's durka durka durka, brains, need to eat brains durka durka durka! Soon they're travelling down from far flung Leeds by train to eat London brains.

    It's a sickness, they don't have legitimate gripes and we should never ever read their comments or listen to their point of view or we might catch this virus too!

    See what happened when the infected virus carrier was taken from the UK to France in the final scene? Zombies, erm I mean muslims, captured the whole of the continent!

    Lets close our eyes, keep repeating, 'they hate our freedom' and never ever listen to their virus laden words lest we become durka durka zombies too!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Locks and keys

    No, I won't leave my house unlocked. But I won't search the bags of people I have round to visit, either.

  9. night troll

    Just two points

    1. On past experience UK government computer systems usually perform in an inverse ratio to the cost, bigger the cost = more time to build and lower functionality i.e. NHS computer system.

    This one will cost £1.2b so they would be better off with an abacus.

    2. Will this stop the illegals coming in through the tunnel? I don't think so, we need them to clean our streets and make the country a safer place by clogging up our prisons because god forbid, we couldn't send them home when they commit violent crimes it's against their 'uman rights!

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    e-borders ????

    Assuming that as the information in this perfect, absolutely secure, highly reliable database increases there is the possibility, albeit tiny as it is a Governmen IT project, that the odd error may creep in. How is Joe Ordinary going to deal with being refused boarding, in error, for his well deserved and hard earned holiday ? Who is going to be liable for exra costs / damages etc ?? Just a thought

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