back to article Asus: 'no plans' for 10in Eee PC

Asus has claimed it has "no plans at the moment" to produce a version of its Eee PC ultra-small laptop with a 10in display. The upcoming 8GB model will sport the same 7in screen as the currently available 4GB unit, it added. Rumours that the manufacturer has a 10in Eee PC in the works have been doing the rounds since the …


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  1. andy rock

    a message for Asus

    see here...

    put a 10"" screen in and i'll stop trying to presuade myself to buy one and i'll just go ahead and buy one. no messin'.


  2. Joe Stalin

    Of course....

    They would deny it, they would never sell another 7" as people wait for the 10" instead.

    Or are these just spoof stories to give you an excuse to use that picture again?

  3. Adrian Jones

    I'm just wondering

    How you'd buy it in the UK? has a link saying it's available to buy on November 12th, which takes you to which has a countdown stopped at 000:00:00:00 and the slogan "Easy to Learn, Easy to Work, Easy to Play".

    This link takes you to where you can download pictures, but still not buy it.

    Obviously it's not "Easy to buy".

  4. Anonymous Coward

    I'd provide the model in the picture with 10 inches rather than 7!

    Actually, I don't find her that attractive, but it seems to be traditional to make that sort of remark every time that image reappears, and I must have seen it about a dozen times already.

  5. Dunstan Vavasour

    Examples of where the Eee PC might be a good solution


    Many of my colleagues, when I have discussed the Eee PC with them, have come with the same reply: "That sounds like a fine idea for an ultra portable sub-notebook form factor device, but we can't really get a clear picture in our minds about how it would really look in use."

    Perhaps you could give us a purely illustrative view of how it might look when in use by a completely average user in a typical setting?

  6. Terry Ellis

    @ Adrian

    wouldn't a 10" model make it a little too big for what it is supposed to do? what not go a little more and get a 12" notebook instead?

  7. Rick Brasche

    cheap and easy

    if they expand the screen, they increase the price and reduce the battery life. The whole point of this device was for it to be small and inexpensive.

    If ya need a bigger screen for cheap, buy an old used laptop.

    next people will be whining about needing a 500GB drive, Blu Ray DVD burner, 24 hour extended battery, and a floppy disk reader. Which will end up costing $2000 and be just like any other $2000 laptop out there, and totally ruining it's niche.

    I want to see them sold locally so I can play with one before I buy.

  8. Anonymous Coward


    Mine's seventeen inches, dark blue, and takes 6 minutes to come up.

  9. Alec Cawley

    Using one to send this

    I am sending this from an EeePC 701. It is a lovely little machine, and for email usage and light web browsing, the 7 in screen is fine. But for serious web browsing, quite a lot of pages force th4emselves to be too wide, requiring constant horizontal scrolling. A 10 in screen wouid be a big improvement.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Higher resolution would be nice

    Even if a 10" screen wasn't on the cards, 800x480 is just about adequate for browsing the web but 1024x576 (even at 7" or 8") would elimate the horizontal scroll bar on almost all websites.

    BTW, I reccomend ordering your Eee from ebuyer, I wish I had! I still have another week or so to wait even though I pre-ordered mine 3 weeks before the release date from Nexus13 (I now hate them, bloody non-refundable deposit).

  11. Phill Gilbert
    Thumb Up

    When to use?

    If you ride a motorbike (like I do) you really don't want to be lugging around a 3kg notebook everywhere you go. For example, if I take my notebook with me it takes about 20mph off the top speed of my bike. And makes my shoulders ache. And people laugh at me.

    The EEE PC is exactly what I've been waiting for; it looks good, it's cheap, it runs Linux, it's small and it's light. And I'll be able to walk after the 30 minute ride to work...

    I'm waiting for mine now, actually...

  12. James Dunne
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    7" of heaven

    Agree with Rick Brasche on this one. This machine is fine for basic web browsing, checking email and using IM. If i want to burn dvds or need to examine web pages whose layout demands a bigger screen, i'll use my desktop or hook this one up to an lcd at work or college.

    Asus clearly aren't going to declare a 10" version until this one has made its mark. So quit speculating on unreliable sources and buy one! I'd suggest, preordered mine on friday, got it the day after it was released. Excellent machine.

  13. alistair millington
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    @ Adrian

    Tons of places in the uk stock it.

    I have one, it rocks. but there is some work to make it from the user interface (can't add your own software) ridden machine to a true linux machine where you actually have a laptop. The bundled apps more than make up for it however.

  14. Adam Onesti

    Screen edges

    I just don't currently like the large black bars down the side of the screen in the 7" one. If the just filled the current eee pc's lid with a full screen it would be a whole lot better.

  15. Arnold Lieberman

    Seconded on the screen comments

    The current screen is the only thing that's stopping me from ordering one;1024x576 (or 600 to keep the usual laptop aspect ratio) would be perfect. Other issues such as the underclocked processor and lack of pcmcia slots/hard drive storage are not too much of a problem, but reading pdf files/web surfing needs a decent screen resolution. Not to mention watching freeview programmes.

    Hopefully once the early adopters are satisfied, Asus can come out with a new version that won't cost any more than the current one. As we know, another £50 and you can get a proper laptop.

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