back to article AMD rolls out DirectX 10.1 Radeon HD 3800 GPUs

AMD has launched 'RV670', the - world's first - 55nm GPU it hopes will reverse the growing gap between its sales and those of Nvidia. RV670 will go on sale today as the ATI Radeon HD 3850 and 3870 - effectively what would once have been called 'Pro' and 'XT' variants, respectively. Both 192 square mm dies contain 666 - oh err …


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  1. Nick Galloway

    But when...

    ... will we see them on the shelves?

    Sounds interesting but will a silent, fan free version be released for those of us wanting quiet machinery?

    Do they give the likes of nVidia a run for the money?

    I think I want one...!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    more info...

    Im waiting for some reviews, and of course we need to know can you fit an already existing watercooler block? or will it need a new design?

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  4. Mark

    And when...

    will we see DX10.1 used? When will we get support on Linux? When will they acknowledge that we bought the item and they owe us the profit they made (I'm not asking for the profit back, but the acknowledgement that without us, they would be unemployed AND there would be NO profit).

    PS We could do with a penguin icon (and maybe a penguin in a crosshair for the NBM: Nobody But Microsoft: crowd). Dump the Ballmer icons, they are redundant with the Gates ones.

  5. Ash
    Paris Hilton

    Have they given up on performance, then?

    Their latest chip doesn't compete with the 8800 line?

    Is the "Top of the Range" title always going to ne nVidia now?

    Good job I just upgraded to a GTX... :D

  6. Bince


    nVidia does the job for me, but since this is a new offering from the OTHER CPU maker, I'll wait till next year before I even consider an upgrade of my video card.

    Sorry "AMmaybee", but I don't trust any new products from you all as "a brand new, hot off the presses" item. Your track records speak for themselves (something copied or watered-down from someone else). ;-)

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