back to article Holy pancake appears on eBay

An American eBayer has auctioned off a week-old pancake for $338, claiming it contains images of Jesus and Mary. Or maybe Moses and Elijah. As her mother cooked up a few flapjacks last Monday morning, Dana O'Kane looked down at one of them and saw a pair of "religious figures dressed in the early desert garb that would have …


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  1. AndrewS
    Black Helicopters


    Looks like the Flying Spaghetti Monster to me.

  2. Andrew Moore

    Is it not...

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster minus his noodly appendages?

  3. Anthony Chambers
    IT Angle

    Holy Semen!

    I'm sure I left a cum-stain somewhere that looked vaguely like that. If only I'd known some moron would've bought it for anything at all.

    Did I say they're morons?

  4. Anonymous Coward

    one of them's definitely Bin Laden

    I think the other might just be Stan Laurel in "Beau Chumps"

  5. Graham Dawson Silver badge

    You're all wrong!

    It's Jar-Jar Binks!

    The destroyer!

  6. alun phillips
    Paris Hilton

    BBC gets everywhere

    Anyone with half a brain can see thats Iggle Piggle and Upsy daisy from the Night garden, or is it just me...

  7. Daniel B.

    Yeah ...

    then I will put Monday's Spaghetti Bowl for 1000 quid, because it has the figure of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  8. Bill L

    I See Two of the Three Kings Bringing the Lord a Bread Maker

    And arguing whether the stable will have someplace to plug it in at.

  9. Andy
    Thumb Up

    Easily suggestible

    I think one of the requirements for being religious is that you're easily suggestible. If you're able to swallow the whole "flooded earth" story then its not a far leap to believe that Almighty God manifests in holy pancakes.

    At least the people who discovered it had the good sense to make some money off the deal.

    What I want to know is how to write an eBay description that sounds authentic and not like I'm just trying to flog off a napkin that I have deliberately stained to look like God surrounded by angels.

  10. 4.1.3_U1


    I never thought Jesus was supposed to have been cremated. If my son gets a pancake with anywhere near that much black on it he won't touch it.

  11. James O'Brien

    Why is it...??

    Why is it when I see this stuff I have either one of two thoughts come to my mind??:

    1) Why are these people so stupid to believe this stuff?

    2) I want to stab myself in the ear with an ice pick to make this end.

    I mean seriously I respect those who are religious but why would Jesus or anyone whos in the bible announce themselve with a garage stain, eggplant or pancake? Wouldnt a supreme (or half way supreme) being announce themselve better then this? I mean common a car, a war or hell even appearing infront of the KGB (dont tell me they dont exist anymore) would be more believable then these...

  12. Jaap Stoel

    Oh dear lord!

    I gotta get in on this market.

    Already the bidding for this item has exceeded 330 dollars. And that for baking some flapjacks? Or finding a stone with a pattern?

    Its gotta be bloody easy to fake all that holy (Less polite word for excrement).

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    I'm sure...

    ... it's a pair of 1960s Batman villians, so don't be surprised if DC Comics pop round for their commission.

    And people, please drop the spaghetti monster nonsense. It was never funny -- like B3ta's Prince parody it was always just "parody" as an excuse for being f***ing offensive in the most schoolkid-like way imaginable.

    Grow up.

  14. Andy Worth


    I am just always amazed by things like this, in the fact that someone will buy them based on a simple vague resemblence to two shadowy figures. I guess that's what you get when you let religious fanatics loose on the internet.....

  15. Geoff Johnson

    Looks a bit like Prince to me

    I demand you take it down.

  16. Michael Habel


    I thought I saw Author and Gwenevre there (Oh well*).

    So how much do you think would be willing to part with in order to place this rather (assuridly) tasty Brekfest Treat, net to there Griled Cheese Sandwich of (IIRC), Marry (was it?!?!)

    Oh well I'll get me Coat then!!

  17. Ferry Boat

    Sea Bream

    Looks like Gilbert and George to me. Should make it worth more than $338, after all they are both real.

    Nothing so easily parted than Percy Fuckwit and his cash.

  18. Bill Coleman

    kicking bishop brennan up the arse

    Bishop Brennan: CRILLEY! I can see your feet under the bed. Come out from under there, now!

    Ted: It's just... the bits of fluff appear to be arranging themselves into some kind of bishop-like formation

    (it was a toss up between that quote and the skirting board "likeness")

  19. Ash
    Paris Hilton


    Is the paper plate included?

    If you turn it sideways on, is it a scene from one of this young lady's videos?


  20. TeeCee Gold badge


    There's been so much of this stuff recently that eBay need to make a dedicated section for it.

    The category name's obvious: "Holy shit".

    Obvious advert: "Buy some Holy shit on eBay, people swear by it".

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    The purchasers of such dubiousness are not born again, nor yesterday. They know that they will get more column-inches of publicity for no extra charge than they could *ever* buy for a few hundred dollars.

    Hopefully, at some stage, this crapulousness will stop getting column inches because people realise it's just greedy people cashing in on other greedy people cashing in on shitwits needing fucking shooting, sorry, "ennertaiment".

    But I don't hold out any hope for the mainstream press, so morally bankrupt are they. Please, El Reg, don't you feed the Beast.

    I choose Paris as an icon of the pathetic state of "Meedja".

    Then I barf.

  22. Paul

    If they are that religous...

    shouldnt they see it as a sign from God, not a way to make a fast buck?

  23. Slaine
    Black Helicopters

    looks like a pancake to me

    Worth less than 15p

    ... pass the lemon and sugar.

    Anyone caught bidding on an item like that really should turn themselves over to the authorities immediately, before they do something REALLY stupid like voting.

  24. Darren Starr

    I want my royalties!

    I am 100% sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt that that is an exposure of a picture taken of me while I was visiting Port St. Lucie in 1992 with my cousin. I'd recognize my own fat head anywhere, it's really quite unique. What's worse is, I was a minor at the time, and I appear to be naked in the picture. This is obviously a definate case of child pornography!

    I'm offended that they sold my nude portait on eBay like this, without ever even asking me to waive rights. I want the full $338 and another $50,000 in punitive damages. I'm really sick and tired of people selling naked pictures of me and claiming I'm the virgin mary. Come on, you know the mental distress this causes me?!?! I mean, so I'm not very well hung, but I would hope that I don't look like a woman that's been dead for 2000 years.

  25. Damian Gabriel Moran

    wrong, wrong, wrong

    anyone with even the remotest bit of Trek knowledge will recognise it as a cooked Denevan Neural Parasite!

    now the real question is, will the purchaser eat it with lemon and sugar or go for vinegar and sugar (and don't say yeuch until you have tried it)

  26. Lukin Brewer


    ...two of the violent ghosts from the film '"White Noise".

    Why is it that only the "good" entities seem to be involved in this sort of thing? Or is it just that eBay won't take satanic stuff? If so, will that form the basis of the next buyer scam: "The Playstation arrived, but it was possessed by demons."

  27. Pablo Barboza Silver badge

    holy pancakes, Batan!

    This completely beat the cr*p out of a holy waffer...

    please, keep my coat, I'll be back

  28. Mark

    Not a patch on the infamous "Nun bun"

    A chelsea bun/danish pastry which has a striking similarity to Mother Teresa, as a swift google image search of "nun bun" will reveal.

  29. L.C.Porrello
    Paris Hilton

    “one of the requirements for being religious is that you're easily suggestible.”

    Very wise. I have to say I definitely agree. The examples or countless: Augustine, Aquinas, William of Ockham, Thomas More, Descartes, Pascal, Cardinal Newman, Belloc, and Chesterton. Oh, and we mustn’t forget Charlemagne. What an impressionable lightweight he was. We also should remember Grosseteste, Roger Bacon, Oresme, Copernicus, William Turner, Kepler, Boyle, Newton, Linnaeus, and Schawlow. And finally, we need to add Albertus Magnus (1193-1280) to the list for his foolish idea, "Natural science does not consist in ratifying what others have said, but in seeking the causes of phenomena."

  30. Joseph Zygnerski

    Holy shit?

    If we get actual holy shit on eBay, I'm seceding from the human race.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    I cut an aubergine in half the other day...

    ... and inside it, the seeds spelled out the name of Richard Dawkins.


  32. Brian

    Fantastic Famous Filigreed Flapjack Fetches Frenetic Fusilade of Fednotes From Flush Faithful

    Nah...I got nuthin'.

    Alliterative Arse Attaining Actualization Albeit Abjectly Acknowledging Absent Acclaimation


  33. pctechxp

    thinking of bidding

    So that I can sell it to for a few mill and not have to work again.

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